Current Map of UPBR


Army. Class "A" and "B" troops

Area 42

3rd Infantry Division

3rd Marine Corp Division

2nd Armorded Division  2nd Arm 2nd Arm




5th Air Wing

5th Air Wing Bomber

Space Program.




2nd Fleet

UPBR Flagg Aircraft Carrier

UPBR Freedom and Victory Battleships


 photo 15764541368_75c5291f38_o_zps39407891.jpg


PBR Spirit. Heavy Bomber


 photo 20141104_0630301_zps053dae73.jpg

PBR P4-Skyhawk Fighter Jet

 photo 20131012_1154301_zps9dd917f3.jpg

PBR Mammoth Tank. Heavy Armor apart of the 2nd Armorded Division

 photo 20141018_2008061_zps23fe0dab.jpg