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                                                                            2015 Civil War
Hawk Captured!oct31st

In a early morning raid that sent two "Little Bird" helicopters to the border of East PBR and the Federation of Legopolis self appointed president Hawk was captured by a combined force of Blackbrik and 3rd Marines. The raid happened so quickly that contact with the Federation was not made before heading to the border. Military officials have stated that they did not violate Federation territory but the location of the raid is at a rail line tunnel that separates the Federation and East PBR. The rail line is not operational at this time due to the war in East PBR but we contacted Lego rail officials who indicate that it is possible it is in Federation territory. They explain the foliage and track match maps they used when laying track in the area. Continued questions to PBR government forces and military officials were meet with silence when we asked about the photos. Our sources though indicate that at some point the helos must have crossed the border simply due to the region and open areas for landing.

leaked photos of raid below

Regardless of where it happened,  the news spread quickly throughout PBR as more forces laid down bricks and announced a end to the fighting. Bob King was seen in Williams City with members of the HoS and they seemed relieved that the operation was successful and a end to the civil war is on the horizon. Kings personal fig assistant was available for questions and comments.


"We have united a nation once again. In the coming days we will process insurgents who fought against PBR and determine their reintegration or punishment. Some HoS members are discussing two new states in the northern two islands above PBR mainland. These areas were military test sites but with a change in government coming we see this region as proper plates to populate. We also have been slowly acquiring plates to expand East PBR. We will of course talk with the Federation and the LR before doing so."


"I am getting ahead of myself, sorry, we are just excited that PBR is once again on the path to peace. Our next step is to rebuild PBR, clean up bricks, re-stack and click them together and realign plates that have been shifted. When acting president King is ready he will give a speech. We call on the international Lego community to continue talks with diplomat Allen who is ready to answer all questions about a United PBR. Thank you."


We pressed further but could not get more details. A source inside the military did tell us that Chancellor Brik will be pushed out to the far south east island and take his personal force with him. Talks his stepping down have not been released but some analysts call Briks move a wise one as there is a chance he could be unpopular with a new government. Many sticking points with a transfer of power has Brik reluctant to give up everything he built.

"Brik will essentially become a "rump state". If PBR changes its form of government and calls itself "United PBR" then Brik may lay claim to the south east island, call it PBR and wait to see if United PBR can survive without him. It is a dangerous move for him, his fighting force will be just Blackbrik but the Chancellor has aligned himself wisely with powerful forces in the area. We really can't imagine Brik giving up total control, he may try to return."


Governor Studs Taken Into Custody
Late yesterday the governor of Sierra Gordo, Mr. Studs, was taken into custody by Iron Grenadiers who located the governor at a small farm in rural Gordo. The action was taken without shots fired and no figs or bricks were harmed in the apprehension of Mr. Studs. Mr. Studs will now be taken to a military facility for processing and debriefing. According to sources in the PBR government Mr. Studs will be tried for treason and possibly other crimes. Those same sources also mention that Mr. Studs whereabouts were leaked by a high ranking official in Cobra. Many experts believe that Cobra is playing the same game they did in the 2013 civil war were they gave up high ranking officials to save their own nation. We asked both PBR and Cobra for comment but none was given.

The fighting in Sierra Gordo seems to be in favor of PBR forces as Cobra tanks have been seen at the shoreline of Gordo ready to board transports back to Cobra Island. Military experts we contacted seem to believe that a cease-fire is in the works for the Sierra Gordo region and PBR will quickly move to absorb the state back under the rule of PBR.
In East PBR fighting still continues as PBR forces control all of the low-lands and coastal areas. The mountain region though has favored the remaining EPDF troops still loyal to Hawk. As for GI Figs who laid down arms they will join Mr. Studs at the undisclosed military complex that is debriefing prisoners of war. We expect thought that many of these figs fighting for Hawk will see lesser sentences for crimes against the nation as they were following orders given to them by a commanding officer who fed false information. It is a fighting figs job to follow the order of a officer. PBR has never allowed military figs to disobey a order on moral or ethical grounds. Humanitarian figs who have been protesting Briks rule say this is one law they wish to see changed if the PBR government is honest with its announcement of a new, free nation.

As for fighting in the mountain region many figs were happy to see the Federation tighten its border and expect this could help end the drawn out conflict that has torn a nation apart. When asked if PBR forces are willing to chase East PBR forces into Federation territory the reply we were given was, "no comment".


Fighting Intensifies, Ground Gained by PBR forces

After spending 200M of his own wealth in the last 10 days Chancellor Briks loyal forces are making grounds in their efforts to unite the PBR nation once more. Troops in Sierra Gordo and in East PBR made gains over the weekend but did not meet their stated objective of victory by Sunday Oct 25th. In Sierra Gordo, Iron Grenadiers backed by Blackbrik troops pushed hard into the middle of the country and have much of the area around Springfield secure. Remnants of insurgent forces were taken captive and much of Cobra forces have pulled back and seem ready to disconnect from their relationship with Governor Studs in Sierra Gordo. In East PBR 3rd Marines augmented by mercenaries pushed East PBR forces to the border region. This rugged terrain has slowed their advance but it has been enough to see parts of GI Fig put down arms and agree to PBR terms. Elements of Hawks EPDF troops are still being seen near the border of Legopolis but PBR is not firing into Federation territory at this time.

"We have no intention of violating Federation territory by shelling forces near the border. All a EPDF fig needs to do is step a stud east and they are safe. We are hoping Federation forces will shell the border with artillery. If some of it happens to fall in East PBR....well...we can look the other way if it helps our cause.

This stance with the Federation is much different than PBR's current relationship with the Lego Republic. News out of the LR has figs wondering if a push to end PBR's civil war is going to lead to war with the LR. With sanctions originating in the LR going into effect today and LR's continued aggression towards PBR's nuclear program diplomats may have their hands full. Our experts believe the civil war could end at a moments notice. With Bob Kings popularity and the idea of a free nation figs are laying down bricks, not wanting to break up the nation. Much of the success can be traced to the financial spending done in recent days. Chancellor Brik has spent a good part of his fortune arming his figs. Reporters at the front line have asked for clarification on what will happen to insurgents who are captured and a memo from the HoS addressed those questions.

"When our civil war ends, insurgents and terrorists who fought to break our nation up will placed in front of military tribunals. These trials will look at their involvement and attach a proper punishment for the figs actions. We expect to reintegrate figs back into our free, united nation. They will help form our new government."


Counter Offensive Begins This Weekend

With his torso against the brick and nowhere to go but forward, Chancellor Brik plans to spend his way to victory in a strained civil war that has brought his country to its knees.

"We intend to secure Sierra Gordo by the end of the weekend. With the Federations extensive bombing of Cobra forces the region is ready for retaking. We need to move fast so they cannot rebuild now that they signed a peace deal with the Federation." Diplomat Troy Allen stated to a reporter he meet with in The Empire of Legoland.  "Our continuity of government never faltered. The HoS was moved swiftly to a safe location and Chancellor Brik is also secure. We have gained extra resources on the brick market and with the help of the M.A.R.S corporation have replenished our depleted supplies and agreed to a mutual defense pact. We are so confident with this new counter offensive Brik himself will be overseeing the plans." Diplomat Allen continued.

 The counter offensive has already begun according to figs on the ground in both Sierra Gordo and East PBR. In Sierra Gordo newly recruited "Iron Grenadiers" have crossed the isthmus separating mainland PBR and Sierra Gordo. Their commanding officer, General Bear, will be leading the assault and has every intention of running Cobra back to their island nation.

Iron Grenadiers aboard the Nimitz, preparing for the ground invasion of Sierra Gordo.

"We will secure the Gordo region, remove the governor, and allow safe passage for figs from Muerte to mainland PBR." General Bear stated confidently.

In East PBR, the fighting is expected to gain momentum now that PBR controls the skies along the ocean front. "With the Federation focused on Cobra our fighter jets were able to divert and overpower a depleted East PBR air force. Hawk was unable to garner international support for his cause. We expect 3rd Marines and newly hired PMC's to push inland and control the state by late Sunday, if they don't sneak into Federation territory." Colonel Sharp announced as a armada of landing craft approached the shores of East PBR.

Below: PMC contractors brought in to help fight in East PBR

 Many experts asked how this counter offensive will sit with figs who have a less than positive outlook for the Chancellor but Bob King was happily ready to express his opinion.

"Chancellor Brik sees the future, a free future for all figs, a unified future. His forces and forces loyal to my efforts will work to reunite a broken nation. Our closed door meetings have been very fruitful. The Chancellor has agreed to new elections starting in the spring of 2016 and culminating in November of 2016. He has agreed to allow a constitutional congress to be formed to open our country up to become a free nation." Bob King grinned. "I will be a 'intern president' with the current HoS still presiding until the elections of 2016. Details will be finalized after our combined forces defeat the insurgents attempting to break our nation up."

Analysts were quick to point out that many issues still remain on the table. The Lego Republic nuclear problem, as it is being called, and how moving forward PBR deals with the Republics steadfast position of nuclear disarmament. Add to that issue is the South Attica region and PBR's unofficial control of the area. Along with that the Empire of Legoland's shaky relationship with Bob King, who oversaw negotiations with Legoland terror groups in the past. Pressed for comment diplomat Allen only stated. "I'm prepared to work overtime to mend all fences for my country and its future." One question left unanswered. Will Chancellor Brik step down once his country is unified?

A Country In Taters.oct21st

As we see the 21st day of civil war in PBR come to pass we are faced with a country torn apart and barely functioning. The House of Senate building has been over run by different factions bent on power. The members are in hiding attempting to keep basic government functions going. Civil services and infrastructure are holding on by a brick with many workers not showing to work and repair figs not putting bricks back where they belong. Police figs are still coming to work, these well paid figs are seeing a large work load as they attempt to keep the peace. Shipping in PBR is still halted although the docks and harbor in Williams City are open for business. The vacation and travel industry has been hit the worst as international travel has completely halted and all foreign figs have returned to their respective countries.

a ruined tank of the PBR sits at the docks in Williams City, a sign of a defeated Chancellor

Fighting by PBR and East PBR forces has settled into the ocean separating the two nations as PBR troops (3rd Marines) have seen gains in controlling the area. Most East PBR troops are using the border mountains to hide from PBR artillery and bombing runs by new P4-B Skyhawk aircraft. The Federation of Legopolis has yet to contact the PBR over this matter as it is causing grief for PBR troops trying to end East PBR.
  The Federation has though halted any advance of Cobra in the Sierra Gordo region, their constant bombing of Cobra forces has allowed PBR to focus its attention on East PBR. By proxy the Federation is keeping East PBR from advancing. This may explain why no mention of East PBR troops hiding in Federation territory has been discussed between the nations. At the time of this story no talks of a peace deal with Cobra and the Federation have occurred but rumors are the Federation has made peace offers and Cobra is discussing them. BREAKING NEWS. Cobra forces announce peace deal, accept blame for injured Federation fig in Williams City. Federation ends air war above Sierra Gordo
  Other major troop movements have occurred far away from the fighting as the newly repaired PBR Flagg has been spotted with support ships in the area marked by a red line on this map.

  Our intel analysts and anonymous sources in the floundering PBR government has said that much of Chancellor Briks personal PMC's Blackbrik have landed on this small island in the south east region and much of the waters along the red lines has coastal defense boats and other naval ships loyal to Brik patrolling the area. These major troop movements coincide with a meeting this past weekend with former president Bob King and the Chancellor, as public polling shows support for Brik now in the single digits it is possible a change in leadership is on the horizon.

Firefighters battling blazes all over mainland PBR
Transportation routes starting to open up
East PBR troops suspected of hiding in mountain region of Legopolis/East PBR border, stopping PBR fighter bombers from hitting them
Proof that The Lego Republic bombed Area 42 released today. Their bombs effectively stopped any chance of a nuclear missile launch
Chancellor Brik said to be meeting privately with Bob King this weekend
Police Figs in PBR protesting for "United PBR" and for Brik to step down
Bernie Bricklestone puts delay on remainder of racing season, calls PBR "unsafe haven of crazy"
Cobra forces scattered and broken, reports of Federation bombing runs decimating tank columns Sunday
East PBR forces spotted in Federation territory. Ignoring borders and laws

He's Back! Former President King Speaksoct 14th
Shocking the figs of PBR and bringing a renewed hope for peace, former president Bob King was in Broca Beach this morning with new guards and a new message.

"My fellow figs, our country is going through a difficult time right now, I don't stand in front of our HoS in Williams City to address you because it has been overrun by insurgents who wish to end our country. The members of the House of Senate are in hiding, not leading. I stand before you in one of the few places that has not seen violence, Broca Beach, the main hub of commerce in the Sierra Muerte state of PBR. The one place that hasn't been torn apart by violence. That doesn't mean we are not in the cross-hairs. I was the longest ruling fig for PBR until I was unseated by a corrupt fig bent on his own agenda. East PBR president Hawk pushed me out of office after I feel ill. He convinced our Chancellor that I was no longer fit for rule and took the power for himself. He is now trying to gain total control over PBR and using terrorists to push his cause. That ends today, with support of many figs and many themes I will now fight for true democracy in all PBR and reunite our torn country. I will call for Chancellor Brik to step down, retire, and allow the country he built to flourish on its own. I will personally meet with him to go over this plan. His transition from power will not be easy. I call for all figs of East PBR to lay down their weapons, rejoin our nation for free elections to be held in 2016. I call for Sierra Gordo to break ties with the rogue nation of Cobra Island and rejoin us. Already foreign nations are attacking PBR territories to rid us of corruption and evil. I call on those nations to back me as I will have a free, constitutional republic, with free elections for all seats of power. I will end our nuclear weapon development and decommission any weapons we have. Our new government can vote on joining the LINC. I will not run for reelection in 2016....I will see the transition to peace, and then allow figs of the United PBR to lead us by electing a new president."

This news has figs throughout the base plates celebrating a possible end to what has been a bloody and confusing civil war. It also is the first public admittance of a ranking PBR official that PBR does posses nuclear weapons. Just as the speech ended we had our first response from leaders of insurgent movements with their own agenda. President Hawk of East PBR had this to say.
  "King is still off his rocker, he was removed because he was inept and losing the international respect our nation had. Only a proper leader can push PBR forward and I strongly believe I am that fig."
  Experts were quick to pounce on Hawks statements as he himself pushed for a free PBR, many wonder what his agenda truly is if he cannot join with King in this movement. Sierra Gordo governor Mr. Stud was quick to accept Kings plan.

"We are open to the idea of a United PBR, a free country. I will speak with the figs of Sierra Gordo and talk with King if he will answer the call."

The same experts that pointed out Hawks hypocrisy were happy to point out that Governor Stud has already seen his plan to have Cobra help push Brik out show cracks of failing. Federation fighter jets have been pounding Cobra forces since they declared war on Cobra.

Kings offer to rebuild a nation and then step down and allow elections is the first sign of a leader truly open to the idea of free figs and bricks in PBR. What remains to be seen is Chancellor Briks reaction to this news and the reaction of the Lego nations around the Lego world. King has always been loyal to the Chancellor and guided the nation through some of its toughest times. We will watch and see if he can do it again.

Breaking News!

BREAKING NEWS 12pmOct1 DAY 1 of Civil War

General Hawk and the entire GI Fig and 3rd Infantry have moved into East PBR. This action came moments after a story broke on https://minifigjournal.wordpress.com/ concerning their military action in the unclaimed South Attica. Territory Chancellor Brik has determined "under PBR influence". General Hawks press secretary gave a quick speech. "Legopolis, the Lego Republic, Empire of Legoland, this military action is not a threat towards your nation. This is a mobilization for training. Any questions should be directed to General Hawks office".


Chancellor Brik has convened the House of Senate for a emergency vote for the removal of General Hawk as acting President of PBR. Our news organization will keep all figs up to date as this day of tension unfolds.

All Class C reservists have been called to active duty.
3rd Marines, BlackBrik and PBR National Guard mobilized in mainland PBR in response to General Hawk with GI Fig and 3rd Infantry arriving in East PBR.
House of Senate votes to strip Hawk of his rank and presidency. He is to report to Area 42 for debriefing.
Hawk to have press conference today from a FOB (forward operating base) in East PBR
Hawk declares East PBR a new and independent nation
PBR Flagg severely damaged in shore based rocket attack originating from East PBR
Cobra forces massing at the docks at Cobra Island, Sierra Gordo Governor in talks with Cobra
Explosion Rocks Williams City, rebels loyal to East PBR suspected.
PBR government not responding to requests nor are they speaking publicly
Marshall Law declared in all of PBR, all figs to be indoors at dusk, police patrolling the streets
President Hawk verifies PBR has nuclear weapons in communications with other Lego countries
Cobra ships seen floating off the coast of Sierra Gordo
PBR government officially calls the situation "Civil War" as fighting breaks out in every state and city. Speech located on official government statement page.

Rebel forces start growing in PBR. Demand free elections and the ouster of Chancellor Brik
Antiaircraft missile systems protect EPDF forces in East PBR. PBR aircraft cannot launch air-to-ground attacks at this time
East PBR leader President Hawk at undisclosed military installation calls on neighbors to assist and protect freedom

Cobra troops have landed in Sierra Gordo and are securing the region. City of Springfield under Cobra control
Major Blood announces no shots fired, Governor of Sierra Gordo welcomes Cobra for security.
Reference Map for figs to understand the region better. Not on the map is Legopolis recent expansion to border East PBR directly
Figs from foreign countries stuck at PBR docks and airport, all ships held in harbor, airport is closed.
Diplomat Archimold of the Empire of Legoland reported to be at undisclosed secure location
Cobra troops and Sierra Gordo rebels fight PBR troops in city streets
Rebels in Williams City ambush a PBR Marine.
ResQ ship escorts damaged PBR Flagg into port, will then start transporting Federation and Republic figs to their respective nations
Chancellor Brik again denies any ownership or development of nuclear weapons
East PBR troops coordinating with Sierra Gordo state in a effort to remove Brik from power
East PBR officially declares war on PBR, "We will free a nation" Hawk was quoted
PBR SpecOps take down a insurgent stronghold in Brockton. Government calls Williams City "Cleansed"
PBR News will be shutdown for 48 hours as PBR Government attempts to manage crisis. Twitter feed will still be live.
Figs prepare protests "Free Speech is a right!"
Air to ground missiles, fired from aircraft of unknown origin, slam Area 42 causing major damage
Figs in Williams City are allowed out in the streets as the city is "secure" according to military sources
In the cover of darkness, police figs guard rail workers trying to keep the infrastructure going
News reports from the Lego Republic detail air strike

Federation of Legopolis officially declares war on Cobra. Bomb airstrips on Cobra Island, major damage reported
East PBR leader Hawk calls on Federation to halt bombings "They bomb Cobra, who assists Sierra Gordo, who is allied with East PBR, to oust Brik"
Bomb fragments recovered from Area 42, source of weapons used to be determined in days
PBR Government officially declares War on Sierra Gordo, Cobra.
Sierra Muerte remains "neutral" many PBR figs flee to safe zones setup in Broca Beach.

Cobra anti-aircraft guns keep Federation fighter jets busy
Cobra anti-ship guns keep PBR vessels away
Biker gang, known as the Dreadnoks, raids House of Senate building, takes hostages. whereabouts of Senate members unknown
Extensive Enterprises announces banking takeover of Brik holdings
BREAKING NEWS 9:00am Day Fourteen

House of Senate moves to secret location, still running PBR government
Cobra light attack vehicles targeted by Federation airstrikes help PBR hold the western war front
Federation only targeting Cobra, will not intervene against East PBR
Former President King speaks in Broca Beach, calls on Lego nations to back his plan for peace

Situation deteriorating all over PBR

The situation in PBR and it's semi autonomous states is deteriorating fast. Our reporters are attempting to keep up with the rapid changes to every facite of PBR government but what we can tell you for sure is the country is falling apart. Below are some fact we know so every fig reading understands this very fluid situation.
1. East PBR has declared Independence from PBR. President Hawk now leads this new and rebellious nation

2. Sierra Gordo is asking for Cobra forces to intervene and protect its state as it feels PBR government cannot defend it any longer.

3. Sierra Muerte is still loyal to PBR but that loyalty is shaky at best.

4. Chancellor Brik has not declared war on East PBR, his office is calling this a "uprising" and in the eyes of PBR officials a internal conflict just short of civil war

5. Chancellor Brik has warned Cobra to not intervene in Sierra Gordo, as of this story no Cobra forces have set stud in PBR territory.

6. Figs in PBR are protesting. Many calling for "free elections"

  The PBR Flagg which has taken massive damage from missiles launched from East PBR. The ship is barely limping back to Williams City, the only harbor in PBR capable of repairing the ship. The newly named PBR Nimitz aircraft carrier is now protecting the Flagg and the Nimitz has 3 PBR fighters patrolling the skies between PBR and East PBR.  Tanks of the 3rd Marines have rallied in the northeast part of PBR. Blackbrik operatives are securing major cities in PBR.  Fighting with figs whose loyalty is not known has occurred at Chancellor Briks Dacha. This file photo shows a 3rd Marine being dragged to safety by a BlackBrik operative.


It is clear to our news team that civil war has broken out in PBR. The government refuses to call it what it obviously is. With internal conflicts breaking out all over the nation some figs are wondering if the government is actually operating and what Chancellor Brik is doing. We will continue keeping our breaking news information at the top of the PBR page and will keep updating the twitter feed of the @brikpublic. We now control this feed since Chancellor Brik has not been seen or heard from. We only have contact with a few spokesfigs that are relaying information privately and without consent of the government.


Hawk Speaks, Declares East PBR Independent
"Figs of PBR. I speak to you today a fig who is declaring his independence. Free from tyranny and imperialistic motives of a country bent on pushing its will upon free figs of the Lego world. Dictator Brik, just weeks ago, worked out a deal with the Empire of Legoland to split up the Attica region among themselves. They did so knowing full well that the lands in question were unclaimed and free lands, free from oppression and tyranny. Brik made a deal and did not include every nation in the Lego world. Let me rephrase that, every free nation of the Lego world. The Lego Republic and Legopolis condemn this action and did not see it as a deal in good faith. Brik plans to envelope the entire region under his rule, his rule only. We have not seen a free and legal election since Brik took power. I myself was not elected but appointed. I cannot stand by and allow that to happen. Today we stand up to the dictator of PBR. I call for all Lego nations to join us as we look to start a new PBR that is free and follows the law. East PBR is now a free and independent state. Myself and the figs under my command. The East PBR Defense Force. (EPDF for short)

Our new nation now blocks any expansion of PBR into the lands of South Attica. They do not control or have influence over these lands in the eyes of East PBR. Our move blocks them from taking these lands. We will stand firm and stop PBR from its illegal expansion. We call on all free figs of the Lego world to join us in condemning dictator Brik. If we did not make this move Brik would have taken action against Legopolis for their military maneuvers in territory they also should have a say in. It is not Dictator Briks lands to control. Brik also has pushed back against the Lego Republic in recent weeks. None of these actions would have occurred if Brik did not grab land in Attica without consulting these nations first. I could no longer, in good faith, watch as I was ordered to oppress free figs. Give me free Bricks! Or give me death!"

Hawk holding the flag and new colors of East PBR with a EPDF soldier



Shock is the word to best describe this turn of events. A once loyal general and president, Hawk has in one speech shaken PBR to its core. The declaration of Independence from PBR by East PBR throws the two nations at odds and most likely a coming civil war. The situation came about due to Hawks mistrust of Chancellor Briks motives with the expansion into Attica and the recent diplomatic deal with the Empire to secure the safety of all figs in the southern region. Our foreign analyst sees that treaty as the safest course of action for the region of South Attica. By negotiating with the Empire, Brik put a stop to any expansion by the Empire further south. He also clearly was open to allowing Legopolis and the Lego Republic to expand as they needed. Hawk must have seen a different motive for him to take such a drastic action. It is estimated that 275 figs have migrated to East PBR from mainland PBR since the region was established. We will wait and see if they feel this move by Hawk is the right one. In PBR, figs are already protesting in every major city.

We have reached out to every nation but have yet to hear any news. We will continue our breaking coverage as this story unfolds.

                                                                         2013 Civil War

This page will have daily updates on the War in PBR, as it fills up each new day will be at the bottom of the page. All information is as factual as PBR News can bring you. All Map photos are made using the Empire of Legoland mapping project with updated information.

Day One. Sept 5th

-FBA Forces launched a offensive in the Brockton region. Their forces are rumored to be around 50 Figs made up of BlackBrik and GI Fig. No reported losses in the first day of Battle.

-PBR Draft was called by Pres. Deed's. All Fleshy figs are to report to munition stations for weapons and brick protection to serve with Deed Loyalists

-9pm PBR time 18 massive explosions rocked North Williams City. All bridges crossing the river are damaged heavily and Deed loyalists are unable to move North to Brockton
. No explanation for how FBA was able to launch missiles from high altitude has been given. Foreign assistance to the FBA is suspected.

-Police Figs announced they will join Deed's Loyalists in the fight to put down the FBA

-Castle Figs announced they are fleeing the country at this time.

Day Two. Sept 6th

-The Empire of Legoland agrees to assist Deed's Loyalists (PBR) in its war effort.

-Legopolis agrees to assist the FBA in its war effort.

-Heavy Fighting in Brockton has resulted in casualties on both sides.

-PBR Armor still in Williams City unable to cross River.

-Cobra (Deed Loyalist) announces counter offensive in Brockton going well

- Four Stinger Cruise Missiles from the FNS Typhoon (Legopolis Naval Vessel) struck Area 42 at 3:30pm PBR Time
   Reports indicate heavy damage to Deed Loyalist Armor protecting the Facility.

Day Three, Sept 7th

- Brockton is 2/3rds controlled by FBA. Loyalist troops seen evacuating at southern docks

- Heavy fighting around Area 42. Space figs revolting inside the facility, hampering Loyalist defense efforts

- FBA Freedom (formerly PBR Freedom) spotted off the North coast escorting FNS Typhoon

Cobra Rattlers and HISS tanks forming up at the front lines. Expected counter attack coming soon.

- Cobra Water Moccasins seen off the Brockton coast, possible reinforcements for Brockton

- The Minifig Republic agrees to send humanitarian aid to the citizen figs in need

- FBA Offensive slows as Loyalist troops control the skies above PBR.

- Heavy Artillery shelling from Loyalists landing in Brockton

- FBA takes Brockton, Loyalists fall back for counter attack

Day Four, Sept 8th

Brockton receives supplies of bricks and plates from air drops.

- FBA has taken over 50% of Area 42

- Seven figs arrested in Williams city, charged with "aiding and assisting the enemy, terrorism".

- Loyalist troops fire a huge Artillery Strike on a small island North West of the main island.

- Refugee Figs are expected to dock in Holtdam later today. The Empire of Legoland is allowing them safe passage

- Refugee Figs are expected to dock in Legopolis later today, Legopolis is allowing them safe passage.

- Caprica's announce Naval Fleet headed to PBR

- Shelling on North West island results in FBA casualties, FBA HQ heavily damaged.

- BlackBrik commanding officer rumored MIA after HQ attack

Day Five, Sept 9th

- The Empire of Legoland sacks Generals pushing for War, declares Neutral status

- 18 Cruise Missiles from Caprica Air Force decimated Loyalist forces North of Williams City late Sunday evening

- 4 Stinger Cruise Missiles from Legopolis FNS Typhoon sink Loyalist landing craft in Williams City dock area Sunday evening

- Brockton secure, Minifig Republic aid lands safely

- Area 42 Secured by FBA forces

- Members of the House of Senate rumored to be fleeing the Government Building located in the hills outside of Brockton

- Minifig Republic sends FBA message, full backing of FBA forces in its War effort.

HMR Republica  from the Minifig Republic set sail for PBR waters. Along with 3 C-7 Bombers on over watch.

- Safe passage for refugees in the port cities of
Forberlin and Portland in the Minifig Republic

HIMS Catherine the Great (Caprican Empire) along with two other Destroyers are in route to PBR. They are escorted by supply ships, the IMS Prince Ivan and IMS Eulenbourg

- Legopolis officially announces support for FBA,

- FBA forces bogged down outside of Government HQ. Heavy fighting reported.

Day Six, Sept 10th

- FBA forces still bogged down at Government HQ. Loyalist forces refuse to surrender

- Fleshy troops refuse military service, protests in Williams City over 'Deed Draft'

- Days after sacking Generals, PM of the Empire of Legoland falls ill, poisoned.

- FBA assures Lego World it has no involvement in PM poisoning

- Deed's office has no comment, Major Blood (Cobra), Commander of Loyalist ground forces assures his troops not involved

- FBA minifigs from Government HQ Battle seen being boated to FNS Typhoon for brick treatment

- Casualty figures coming in. As of day five, FBA has lost 15 figs, Loyalists 25 figs, Cobra 5 figs.

- Loyalist casualties are 90% fleshy figs sent to the front lines

- Neither side will report strength of Forces

- A pair of Police 7741 Helo's attempted a Kamikaze run on the FNS Typhoon but were shot down seconds before impact.

- FBA HQ is now Area 42

- Casualty reports from earlier were false, Loyalists forces altering numbers, higher count expected.

-4077 Base in Minifig Republic attacked, no details released as of yet.

Day Seven, Sept 11

Police HQ in Williams City damage in missile strike

- FBA forces are across the river and moving on Williams City

- FBA forces have taken Government HQ despite heavy losses

- Loyalist armor deemed 'unusable' by experts after Caprica missile strikes

- Figs fleeing Williams City, expected 300 figs displaced at this time.

- Cobra troops seen falling back to inside the city

- Police HQ on fire in Williams City

- Rumors of a possible cease-fire spreading in PBR

- General Hawk to address PBR Nation at some point in next 24 hours.

- President Deed's motorcade attacked, Deed's unaccounted for at this time.

- Major Blood to address PBR Nation Friday evening.

- All fighting in and around William City halted. Minifig Aid seen landing in all areas.

Details of the PBR Armstice Agreement

Cobra will.

1. Agree to end all war efforts in PBR,



2. Release Bob the King from custody,



3. Release William Brik (who is alive but injured)

4. Arrest and hand over President Deeds to the FBA, then grant him Asylum in the Empire of Legoland

FBA will





1. Cease all Hostilities towards Cobra

2. Recognize Cobra as a legit group of Figs

3. Open a Island West of PBR to Cobra and allow this island to be in their possession and owned by them.

Cobra also agrees to not attack any PBR Axis members or Allies that supported the FBA in the Civil War