New Carrier Completed, Tensions Rise Oct 1st

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Yet to be named, the newest ship in the PBR fleet was seen in the harbor of Williams City today. Sporting three fighters on its deck the aircraft carrier is ready to deploy. Naming the ship and a official ceremony are expected but BlackBrik contractors were seen guarding the vessel in the harbor. This unusual action is causing tension to rise in the government halls of PBR as it was suspected members of the 3rd Marines would be first to board and guard the ship. General Hawks office was contacted for comment but none was given.

Strategic Diplomacy On Display Earlier this week the Empire of Legoland moved troops through Belvistan and Duplostan on a mission to head west and claim territories in Central Attica. Along with laying claim to new territory the Empire of Legoland decried all lands of North Attica under their control, along with having legal right to settle the lands. The Manchurin territory stretches from Dacastan to the Greater Attica Sea. This morning a press conference was announced by the Supreme Chancellors office and a representative spoke freely, taking no questions.

"Fellow figs of the free Lego world. We are happy to report, through negotiations and agreements that the PBR and Supreme Chancellor Brik recognize the area known as North Attica and all unclaimed lands under control of the Empire of Legoland. This region stretches north of Manchurin and envelopes the lands in red. The Empire has moved to protect its nation for a secure and prosperous future.  Along with this acknowledgement the Empire of Legoland has acknowledges the PBR's right to the region of South Attica, which is the red region south of Manchurin. This region borders East PBR, Legopolis and The Lego Republic. Our nations look for the security of the Lego world, this diplomatic agreement will secure the peace for all Lego nations. The PBR understands a nations right to expand and is willing to discuss the expansion of South Attica with nations involved in the region. Our diplomatic doors are always open. Thank you, there will be no questions today."

  With this shocking news that the two super brick nations are now "border" nations in a sense that they control the respective regions, many questions arise. How does the Lego Republic and Legopolis fit into South Attica? Before this day PBR has been open to any nations expansion in the region calling it, "A nations right" but now that PBR claims the region will this change?

A photo was released shortly after the press conference showing Chancellor Brik and Diplomat Archimold shaking hands on board what has to be a almost finished aircraft carrier. Not present was General Hawk, President of PBR. Sources inside the government stated Hawk was not privy to this diplomatic deal, that it was done by diplomat Allen in the Empire with the Chancellors blessing. We reached out to the President for comment.

"I was not counseled on this action, as President I feel that I should have been, especially as the General of PBR armed forces my knowledge of the dangers going forward would be important."

General Hawk would not speak further when questioned but was visibly upset with being left out of the loop on this move. 

Hull Set, Tensions Rise, Figs Fearful

In full view of figs residing in Williams City a new hull was set this week. Measuring 78 studs in length and having a very flat surface many military experts believe this is the hull for a aircraft carrier. Officials in PBR government would not speak on specifics but they did mention that the ship builder is the M.A.R.S corporation, owned and operated by Lord James McCullen Destro . This is the first major arms deal that PBR has signed with the corporation and signifies a shift away from PBR engineered weapons systems. Opening its doors to bidding and competition will save on tax dollars for the common fig as the military grows.

We asked for specifics on the timing and if it concerns the new saber rattling by the Lego Republic. A spokesfig was happy to respond to our concerns.

"We had plans in the works for a long time. Yes, we are currently seeing a rise in tensions with the Republic, a nation who seems to think they can dictate policy to us. Col. Brik himself is slightly angered that the nation has been pressing so hard to alter our nuclear program. They (Republic) will likely be even more upset with us when they learn our new ship will be nuclear powered. That is what our researchers are focusing on, clean energy for our nation. "

This week the Republic moved a ship, the only one we think they have in their fleet, into waters dangerously close to East PBR. Troop movements in East PBR have not been active and seem to be tolling down after a few weeks of training.

We also asked the spokesfig for comment on the Empires troop movement into Belvistan, which happened earlier in the week.

"The Empire is well within its right to perform maneuvers in a region under its spear of influence. We will take notice if they crossed into Legopolis territory, which we never expect to happen."

With more and more military build up in the region figs were seen withdrawing bricks from the local banks in anticipation of conflict. For the first time we can recall, the finance department of PBR issued a statement trying to assure the figs that all is calm. For the first time in a long time all PBR troops are in PBR, there are no active threats and even Cobra has chosen diplomacy with PBR and is finalizing the details of its new consulate building in Williams City.

"It's a safe Lego world, bricks are flowing, snapping and attaching to plates. We see a safe and happy fall for figs in PBR. Maybe even a little more expansion. North seems to be the way to go."

Diplomatic Tensions with Lego Republic

Since the creation of the LINC it seems the Lego Republic has had tense discussions with PBR officials over PBR's nuclear ambitions. Exchanges back and forth have caused a breakdown in what once was a solid partnership in furthering peaceful Lego relations in the Lego world.

PBR has moved parts of the 3rd Infantry and naval vessels into the north region of East PBR which is closets to the Republic. This move is a obvious show of force and lets the world know that PBR won't be bullied by nations that want to dictate policy to a sovereign nation not breaking international law.

"Since the LINC creation the Republic has been very vocal towards PBR and our policies. It is troubling that a nation is taking such a strong stance towards a ally. We've been nothing but good neighbors and supporters of the Bricks regime in the Republic. We are not sure where this new found aggression comes from."

A spokesfig for General Hawks office mentioned at a press conference. When asked if PBR will use force the spokesfig continued.

"No, of course not, not as the aggressor. The forces you mentioned are there in a defensive position. A week ago we were just ending our deployment to the Federation, a nation fine with our policies, and then suddenly this occurred. It is possible the Republic is also upset over PBR troops fighting in the Federation. The Republic worked hard to broker peace in the country and when the terrorists in AIM started war PBR was there to help. There is a chance President Brick is upset with our helping in the matter."

In other news, a Extensive Enterprise fig released this photo, showing rocket parts being transported on a rail line in PBR.

"We regret statements we made earlier in the month. The spokesfig for EE misspoke, the shipment of concern that was in the photo was not going to the Republic. We will not at this time discuss where it was going."

This newest photo shows multiple parts using in short and long range missiles. Uncovered and not hidden it is a obvious attempt to solicit a reaction from upset nations, our experts in PBR News believe.


PBR Forces Return, Victory In Ancarta.

As one conflict ends another may be brewing. PBR forces, specifically the 3rd Marines and 3rd Infantry along with the PBR Flagg and PBR Res Q arrived at the coast of mainland PBR today after fighting ended in Ancarta, the region of the Federation of Legopolis that was under siege by terrorists attempting to control the region.

Colonel Sharp flew in earlier this morning and was whisked off to Area 42 to speak with command and control. No official public statement or acknowledgement was made but rumors and leaks inside PBR military along with troop activity seem to indicate that these heroes of the brick will have a short leave before going back out on tour. Already in East PBR armor and other members of 3rd Infantry headed west to the border region closer to the Lego Republic. A P4-Skyhawk was also seen taking off to the North and has been doing race track patterns in the northwest region of East PBR.

The leaked documents we spoke about are correspondence with The Lego Republic. Since the creation of LINC the Republic has been in contact with PBR and has pressured it to accept disarmament of any nuclear weapons and join the committee. We contacted General Hawks office and were only given a short press release concerning the leaks.

"PBR is a independent nation not open to being pressured by others, especially over nuclear weapons which we are not mass producing. The one weapon we do have is specifically used for research to understand how such a weapon could be used against us by outside forces."

We wanted clarification on centrifuges that were spotted being hauled by Extensive Enterprise earlier this summer but no comment was given. We reached out to EE and were given this response by the spokesfig for the company.

  "That particular shipment was destined for the Lego Republic. Since it was not a PBR military shipment we were not under contract to cover or conceal the movement. We are not sure what the Republic wanted with the devices."

Such a statement brings to question what is going on in the Lego world. If the LR did receive that shipment and is a member of the LINC it brings to question their intentions. As this story unfolds PBR News will keep bringing you the facts as we know them

Ground Breaking Work In East PBR. Aug '15

Construction crews have arrived in the East PBR region this week to begin infrastructure construction. The plan is to place base plates and bricks in advance of the expected fig migration to East PBR. As of today, no city names have been mentioned nor has there been talk of the expected population. Some experts beleive that at least one third of PBR residents on the main island will migrate to East PBR due to its close proximity to the Federation and the Republic.


No official statements have been released which is no surprise now that General Hawk has overtaken the presidency. His administration is eerily silent compared to President Kings. King, who is still in hospital care after his breakdown, was always ready to talk to his figs and let them know how PBR was holding up. Hawk on the other hand has been seen in public only with politicians and other high ranking officials.

Also not seen in public lately is Chancellor Brik, after a jetting setting world tour he has remained hidden from figs view. Many wonder what is going on in the administration now that the Federation and Republic have signed a nuclear treaty and the Empire is purging its unwanted population of misfit figs.We asked the public relations official for comment and we were given this press release.
"Nations are free to choose their path, PBR doesn't believe in certain paths followed and is free to develop and explore any options they feel are necessary for the protection of the country."

Although vague, it is obvious to our analysts at PBR news that this is in reference to the nuclear treaty that PBR is not willing to look at let alone sign on to. It is known that PBR posses one nuclear device and it is weaponized. The press release also had this to say.

"Misfit figs should be purged, PBR has looked into similar ideas now that its population has reached 1200 figs. Many of these figs are just taking up space, standing on bricks or shelves looking good. Some are dressed up in outrageous costumes and themes. That said, PBR at this time has no plans to purge figs, in fact we still are actively looking to increase our population with important and valuable figs who will help out nation."

It is obvious to PBR news that the government offices are in a state of flux and won't openly talk about policy any longer. With 2016 fast approaching and every elected seat up on the ballot many wonder if the idea of "loose lips sink ships" is now standard policy in PBR. Some wonder if Chancellor Brik himself will take notice of his friend Emperor Davids move and just purge the entire government of PBR.


Agreement Reached on Connecting Rail.

PBR Rail and Pacific-Atlantic Central have reached a agreement to connect the state of East PBR to the western border of the Federation of Legopolis. This agreement was given the green light by government officials instantly as figs in power have deemed it a "nothing to lose" situation. The rail corridor will begin construction immediately and hopefully be completed before the winter storms hit the mountain region of East PBR. This rail will allow both freight and passenger travel to and from both countries and increase the GDP of both nations as free trade and travel will only spread the wealth between the two allies.
This is the first major project in East PBR as a named settlement hasn't even been announced yet. When asked where the new rail will go officials only commented that it will travel across the entire region and end near the coast so freight can be easily transported to the docks and shipped over seas.

In related news figs in central PBR have begun applying for land permits and ownership in East PBR as it is expected a immigration to the state will occur over the summer. Over crowding situations in Brockton and Williams City have many figs looking for more room, more bricks and a 32x32 base plate to call their own. PBR has taken a opposite stance on its population compared to the Empire of Legoland which announced last week it is shrinking its population. Many experts believe the nations financial stability and brick allocation forced the change in policy. Government officials though warn that the Empire is not a nation to see financial trouble as it has stood the test of time and has been around much longer than any other nation. Some HoS members warn PBR could be on a troubling path with its rapid expansion ideas and that it too may have to think about its immigration policy. One member had this reply to our questions. "We've allowed so many themes, so many different figs, to pour into PBR that we have trouble handling the different wants and needs. A Star Wars fig expects a sci-fi atmosphere while a City fig expect a town house. A Space fig is upset a Clone trooper is wandering near its moon base. It's a complicated matter."

General Hawk Seen with Diplomat Archimold.July '15

Leaving a local pub in Broca Beach PBR News caught the General and diplomat of Legoland casually walking out and heading to their respective rides. When confronted the two were quick to shake hands and tell the media that "caught" them that they were on a business lunch, discussing matters of the brick and furthering international relations. Diplomat Archimold respectfully declined to comment further as he felt it necessary to report the the Emperor before commenting on any specifics of the discussion. General Hawk though was happy to speak.

I invited the Samuel to lunch to talk to him about the recent major changes in the Lego world. With PBR establishing the East PBR region, the Federation moving in and establishing territory right up East PBR's south border. We also spoke of troop movements in Legoland, the arrests of high ranking officials and former fig of PBR, Fred Deeds. Thank you for your questions but I must return to the HoS to move forward with other issues of the state.

It is plainly obvious to our reporter and other media on the scene that the two high ranking officials wanted to be "caught" leaving the pub together for appearance sake. With international brick tensions high and everyone on their studs over the huge changes in the Lego map common figs are wondering what the future holds for the Lego world. It is also plainly obvious that President King is no longer in the picture as this was the first official meeting between Hawk and Archimold. Normally the diplomat would meet with Chancellor Brik in private or communicate with PBR officials by messenger. Is this change in meeting a sign of PBR trying to assure nations that it is not war mongering but looking out for international relations? As this story and the entire base plate grab continues we will keep common figs up to speed.

Breaking News! Fred Deeds arrested, Emperor reestablishes his power in Legoland

PBR government officials woke up this morning to shocking news. A majority of the military junta in the Empire of Legoland have been arrested by order of Emperor David. Included in that arrest was former president of PBR, Fred Deeds. Details are few and far between this morning and acting president of PBR, General Hawk, has refused to comment on the news. A high ranking source in the HoS has stated that Chancellor Brik is planning on meeting with diplomat Archimold later today. It was also mentioned that the Chancellor was very pleased with the news that Deeds was under arrest.

"Deeds has always been a thorn in the side of relations with the Empire." Our source stated. When asked if PBR military is going to take any action the source only spoke of elation among troops. "They see the Empire as a ally in the Lego world." PBR forces have not changed their readiness as they are already on a war footing with troops still fighting in Ancarta and forces establishing security for settlers in East PBR. "Our forces are really in mop up mode in Ancarta, and in East PBR, it is mainly just keeping figs from getting lost as we map our the borders and prepare a transportation route so our new neighbors can come visit." When asked about East PBR and President Bricks reaction in the Lego Republic our source only said this. "Bricks is a little worked up, worried, and we see some protesting going on over it. We understand, the PBR is making bold moves that can worry figs. Rest assured, we aren't going to march in to the Republic with troops and pick a fight."

Also mentioned was the upbeat demeanor of the HoS this morning. Even with the unknown many members were seen grinning as they entered the hall. As more information is released PBR News will report. You can also find breaking news at the


Invasion! East PBR Established

In a swift and massive move PBR military forces pushed in to the mainland continent on Lego world. Almost every available piece of military equipment in the PBR armed forces pushed across the channel and have established a foothold south of the Lego Republic and west of the Federation of Legopolis.

This move comes just as the 3rd Infantry and 3rd Marines are finishing up operations in Ancarta. Most analysts we talked to were shocked that General Hawk would make such a bold move while still dealing with fighting in the Federation. This puts 80% of PBR forces overseas at a time when PBR still is rebuilding its police force and dealing with the negotiations with Cobra. A spokesfig addressed the media outside the House of Senate.

file photo of a PBR tank, used in the invasion

"We have come to a agreement with Cobra, all sanctions have been lifted, they will also e allowed to establish a consulate building in PBR to continue diplomatic talks with us. This move brings peace to the entire Lego world, we have found a way to change minds and negotiate a end to terrorism."

Reporters drilled the spokesfig after the statement wanting clarification on the new diplomatic ties and how peace can be talked about as PBR grabs territory overseas.

"We have been in talks with all nations involved in the Lego world and we were clear our claiming of territory was in no way a hostile act. We have no plans for war with any of our neighbors or those further away. PBR is growing, we are well close to 1200 figs and we need room for those figs to plant bricks and create a life of clicking and snapping bricks on studs."

Further questions focused on building up instead of out.
"Look, I understand we could build up, but the ceiling is the limit, figs don't want to be crammed in high rise towers on islands that are prone to storms or other issues. Figs want the freedom to roam across the base plates. We are giving that freedom. The new territory will become another semi-autonomous state, East PBR."

East PBR borders have yet to be determined as the Empire of Legoland will update the world map once borders are settled in. Rumors are flying other nations may start expansion to keep pace with PBR. Up until now nations were far enough apart to not have border issues, immigration problems or squabbles over bricks and mining them out of areas. This bold new PBR move could alter some of these relationships.