Small Business



Octan Garage Shipping Company

Located throughout UPBR. The Octan Corp. runs the fuel and shipping industry for UPBR

Black Brik HQ and Arbco.

Owned and operated by Mr. Brik both companies supply UPBR with security along with goods and services. Black Brik HQ is home to the Black Brik Security firm which is also owned and operated by Mr. Brik.Blackbrik is the private security firm keeping Mr. Brik safe from threats foreign, and domestic.

Extensive Enterprises

The Extensive Enterprise Building, pictured to the left, is the home of two twins, Tomax and Xamot. These two run a financial and investment firm along with other Enterprises that keep in secret. Rumors abound that these two business owners have ties to a Terrorist Organization bent on ruling the World. Some figs in UPBR have claimed to have seen odd military vehicles and also Blue clad security personel roaming the buildings grounds.


High Speed Customs, owned by Rev Brik (brother of former President Brik), builds and produces unique cars for the Figs of PBR. These vehicles are the best of the best and the company also builds and maintains the military vehicles used by BlackBrik and the UPBR military.