p>Lt. Brickjan to be released


PBR officials announced that negotiations with Al-Medahyin have completed and that Lt. Greg Brickjan will be released.


"We did as they asked, denounced the Junta and are not supporting their actions against the Al-Medahyin or supporting their anti-religious laws." General Hawk stated at a weapon unloading zone. Class C reservists were also stood down today as there is no threat from Al-Medahyin on the horizon.


"They were clear, their fight is against the Junta and the Davidium regime. We, as a government discussed the decision at great lengths. Yes, we have given in to terrorists, PBR admits that openly and honestly. We have for months since Deed's took office, every time we need to further positive relations the terrorist Deeds muddles it up. Look at the current file photo on the Empire's news site. He has the leg of a supposed PBR soldier on display. The Junta and it's appointment of Deeds is the reason relations throughout the Lego world are a struggle for the Empire of Legoland. Emperor David would be wise to take control of his country before further damage is done. We can't clasify Al-Medahyin as terrorists, they negotiated in good faith even after our strong opening stance. Considering how the Imperial Army could not rescue Brickjan when they are the largest and most advance military, we wonder how well equipped and advance Al-Medahyin must be..." General Hawk went on to state.


With this change of tactic it is obvious the PBR government has grown tired of Deed's meddling and destruction of a positive relationship. Going forward, diplomat Allen who is in Legoland will have a tougher job as it seems his only means of contact with the Empire is through Deeds. His well being is not a worry as diplomats for any country carry a protection, knowing that the country they visit has its own diplomats in other nations.


Details of Lt. Brickjans release have not been finalized but officials talked that during negotations they asked for Brickjan to be released at the northern border of the Federation of Legopolis. The Federation has agreed to retrieve the pilot, make sure he is healthy to travel and then transport him to PBR officials. The PBR Flagg and Res-Q ships in the region moved closer to Federation territory as news broke of Brickjans release. It is expected they will dock in Legopolis and resupply and await Brickjans arrival. PBR and the Federation have strengthened ties in the last few months as the Axis broke apart.


"Solid ally, we hope to build the same relationship with the Lego Republic in the future." Hawk grinningly stated as he walked off to inspect a anti-air missile tank that was in for service.


PBR publicly denounces the Empire of Legoland


In a prepared statement on the official section President King denounced the anti-religious laws of the Empire of Legoland and has pulled support of the regime.


"We no longer publicly support the Empire of Legoland, it's actions and its anti-religious laws. We also publicly remove any threat of military action against the Al-Medahyin group. Their fight for religious freedom is justified. We do not support their military action against their own figs, the Al-Medahyin peoples or the Legobahn."


This was the statement from President King this morning. More on this breaking story as it develops.


Editorial by Studado Geraldo

Our leaders are pushing us to a path of perpetual war. War with a organization that knows no boundary, has no bases or territory and can blend in anywhere.

As we watch brave police figs line up for their military weapons PBR enters a new chapter in its violent and crazy history. One of international conflict. Never before have PBR forces declared war or threatened another nation or groups of people outside its borders. What Al-Medahyin does in the next few days threatens to change everything.

Chancellor Brik has been a patient man, some say. He has allowed a man who tried to kill him, Fred Deeds, to speak with our diplomats and officials. Those talks looked hopeful for a prisoner release but now that looks bleak. How our nation has put up with dealing with a war criminal shows that even though PBR is saber rattling it still respects the boundaries and laws of other nations. Some say Brik even respects Deeds rise to power.

If Lt. Brickjan is killed, PBR will not invade the Empire of Legoland, it cannot afford a two front war with Al-Medahyin and the Imperial Army which will defend its sovereign territory. If PBR gives in to the terrorist demands it shows weakness to its enemies and to its allies. In the future, all it would take is to snag a PBR citizen and you have control over 800+figs.

PBR is now in a "no-win" scenario, on the defensive again. Figs should be preparing for the worst but that has happened so often in war torn PBR that they are already, ready. Some could say this is the darkness before the storm. But a glimmer of hope is on the horizon. PBR is still moving forward with domestic and fig affairs. The countries economy is stronger than ever. Tourism is still thriving but we will see if that changes. Racing takes hold soon in the Brikpublic. Brik just returned from strengthening ties with two neighboring states who our nation has excellent relations. His base plate isthmus plan is in effect and the first plates are being laid to combine the three large islands. Free travel is still legal and Cobra is in check after the recent military moves made.


Pilot Press Conference.


In a sign of power and solidarity the entire House of Senate, President King and Chancellor Brik attended a short press conference concerning Lt. Brickjan who is being held somewhere in the Empire of Legoland by Al-Medahyin terrorists. Leslie Anne was the only member in attendance to speak.


"We, the elected members of PBR and our Chancellor, deplore the tactics used by this vicious and weak minded terrorist organization. We demand the release of Lt. Brickjan immediately, he should be transported safely to the nearest Imperial Army outpost in the Empire and be handed over for safe travel to PBR.

Let me be clear, PBR does not negotiate with terrorists. We showed that in the last months as we have disarmed Cobra of all WMD. Some may say we negotiated with terrorsts then....Let me also be clear, they are a nation state under the armistice treaty signed in 2013 which was overseen by the Empire of Legoland. Again, we ask our friends in the Empire to assist us now like they did in the past as we have patiently waited for Lt. Brickjan's release.

Our diplomat in PBR, Mr. Allen, has worked throughout the night and day with Fred Deeds to find a resolution to this horrific crime being perpetrated by terrorist. We appreciate Deeds open line of communication.

Al-Medayhin, you are to release Lt. Brickjan, there will be no negotiation, please contact our diplomat in the Empire of Legoland and confirm the details of the release.

Many expert believe the governments hard stance is a sure sign of war to come, others explain that if PBR gives in to any possible demands now, more PBR citizens will be taken hostage expecting to control the Brikpublics actions. Those same expert say having HoS leader Leslie Anne speak was a calculated move to insult the terrorists by having a female fig talk down to them. No comment was given about international support but inside sources at the presser mentioned that the Republic and Federation are both dealing with negotiations to end the Ancartan conflict and cannot upset those talks by being involved in this international situation.

If the PBR backs down, drops relations with the Empire to assure the pilots release there is no guarantee Al-Medayhin will follow through. Some believe the Brikpublic needs to see if the Empire can handle its own internal struggles but many expect they cannot, Al-Medayhin has operated in the Empire for years and seems to only be growing stronger. Asked if any members of Al-Medayhin are operating in PBR, experts said they have no intelligence to say yes or no.

As the press conference closed assistants to the Chancellor mentioned that Brik is having the pilots family brought to his personal residence for their safety.


How the terrorists and even the Empire of Legoland react to this speech will be watched closely in the coming days.All sitting members of government were expected to be in the situation room deep underground at Area 42, watching news orginizations, in diplomatic talks and using intelligence to determine the next move.


Al-Medahyin holding PBR Pilot. Fed28th/15

The minifigtimes.com released a breaking story just hours ago showing Lt. Brickjan, whos name had not been released by PBR officials for his families safety, is being held by Al-Medahyin forces somewhere in the Empire of Legoland.

Government officials have not released a official statement nor are they answering requests for answers. Our inside sources indicate that there are heavy diplomatic actions being taken and that there is a open communication with the Empire but non with Al-Medahyin forces.



The only factual government response we can show our figs is this photo of a PBR VTOL aircraft taking off from Area 42. The fighter/bomber was with a full load of armament and flew north east to where the PBR Flagg and PBR Res-Q are patrolling off the shores of Carthagia. This region was where the Lieutenant was thought to be held. His whereabouts are now unknown. Analysts stated that the fighter/bomber will need refueling in the oceans near the Federation of Legopolis and has the capability to vertical takeoff and landing so it is expected to land on the PBR Res-Q.

PBR officials have stated they will have a official press conference in the next 24 hours.

Targa PBR expands to track racing. Feb 23rd/15

In a effort to garner more attention Bernie Bricklestone announced plans to also create a racing series on purpose built race tracks and also on city streets. The plan will have a multimillion dollar facility built just outside Williams City. The oval race course will have the option to have road course action through city streets will be completed this spring in anticipation for the Speed Champion theme making its way to PBR.

some sections of the race track are already done and testing has begun






"The Speed Champion cars will bring a exciting level of rally racing, road racing and oval racing. We are working on combining the three types of racing into one points system with a overall champion to be crowned. We have had some interest from international race car drivers but with growing threats from terrorists we have been slow to bring them into the Targa family. Government officials are working to assure any driver coming to PBR they will have a safe experience."

To make sure the series is safe it is rumored that Bricklestone is working to either outright purchase BlackBrik from Chancellor Brik or hire their services to oversee security for all racing venues.


Al-Medahyin threats go international


In international news that has had a affect on Targa PBR moving forward, the terrorist group Al-Medahyin announced they would bring their war to the base plates of any nation showing any support politically, economically or socially with the Empire. As PBR has just completed negotations and maneuvering to keep Cobra at bay another threat comes up on its radar.

Troops seen patroling public streets even though government officials claim there is no immediate threat


"We have no intention of breaking any ties with the Empire of Legoland. In fact we are willing to double down and the PBR government is willing to take any action necessary to see the destruction of Al-Medahyin."

When asked why they are so open to war with Al-Medahyin but not willing to do the same with Cobra General Hawk quickly responded.

"We have Cobra in their place, they are a skeleton of the threat they once were. There is a official armistice treaty signed through the Empire that limits both nations, yes, Cobra is officially a nation state, from attacking each other any longer. If the Empire reopens the negotiations that we recognize and respect then our stance with Cobra will change.

Let me be clear, we will not have boots on the ground in the Empire of Legoland to fight Al-Medahyin unless we are asked to assist the well trained and equiped forces of the Empire. If they attack PBR then that could change. We would see that as a clear and present danger to the national sovereignty of our nation and we would declare war on Al-Medahyin."

Weather Satellite Launched

The space program quickly moved a launch vehicle to its pad this morning and the countdown was shortened to 6 hours. The #6454 Countdown Corner shot off into orbit at 8 am PBR time. Officials indicate it is a unmanned rocket delivering a weather satellite but our analyst looked into the design of the Countdown and have come to the conclusion it is a one manned space ship capable of imaging and looking down on figs from orbit.



"The Countdown has excellent observation capability, as you can see clearly from it's design it could easily see and tell figs apart in a group. This is not the type of craft you would use for checking the beautiful weather in PBR."

Space Command officials refused comment but a press release indicated that PBR officials are worried about the upcoming spring storm season and want to be ahead of the weather instead of surprised like years past.

In international news, the Federation and the freedom fighters who call themselves AIM agreed to peace talks in the Lego Republic. Readers of international news sites will know that the Federation has had a on going dispute with the organization over territories under Federation control. Recent events had the Empire of Legoland overseeing humanitarian aid to the civilians. We asked PBR officials for comment and President Kings office released this memo.

"We are not involved in the peace talks in the Lego Republic and our government completely and fully backs and action taken by the Federation against these lawless terrorists who wish to unseat the established government."

Res-Q Command Ship Sets Sail


The secret hull we reported weeks ago in PBR News has become a completed ship. The Res-Q Command Ship will set sail this week and its first work-up mission will be to resupply the PBR Flagg which is off the coast of Legoland, still waiting for the return of the downed pilot. The Flagg has had to use allied nation ports for it resupply up to this week. Now it can continue its mission with no interruptions.

The Res-Q will be capable of bringing aid and supply to any vessel in the PBR Fleet, it will also be capable of assisting other ships in the Lego ocean that come under distress. The ship comes complete with a long range reconnaissance helicopter, two small submarines and a full crew of highly trained Res-Q personnel.



Along with its rescue and supply capabilities the Res-Q also has the latest in radar and sonar technology. It is expected that during its missions it will be mapping the ocean floor, monitoring the seas and learning more about the Lego world.

Captain Rick O'Dare was appointed Captain of the Res-Q and had a brief statement for the media.

"We thank you for being here today, the Res-Q is a shining example of Brik's vision for a better PBR. This ship will be ready for any problems that come up for any Lego nation. We plan to be afloat as often as possible and be ready for anything. Our first mission is a resupply of the PBR Flagg which is on a heroic mission. We will also be there to assist them. If the Empire would prefer to deal with the Res-Q to finalize the release of the pilot we are ready to help."

After the short press conference a briefing memo was released to the media explaining that President King is planning a "island connect project" over the next year. The memo briefly explained that more plates will be placed to make small isthmus connections from PBR to the regions of Sierra Gordo and Muerte. Experts believe this will mitigate the need for naval vessels always needing to be near PBR to transfer troops. Small land isthmus will allow quick movement of armor forces in times of need.

Once the two outer regions are connected then the PBR navy is freed up for missions outside the legal waters of PBR.

Chancellor Brik Vetoes Open Elections in Sierra Gordo, Governor Selected
feb 15

In a surprise veto move Chancellor Brik shot down open elections in Sierra Gordo calling them "a attempt to break up the brikpublic". He announced the new Governor, Jon Studs, right after calling in the veto to the House of Senate.

Members of the Senate were not surprised at the move since the two parties quickly announced candidates, that both want to move Sierra Gordo away from the Brikpublic and towards a independent nation. The Independent Sierra Gordo party, or ISG, was first to blast the Chancellor.

"We should be a open and free nation, independent to choose our path and allies. We had a secure region when Arbco provided policing and security, now that is gone. It was a reckless move by Brik who claims to fight for freedom."

The Deeds Restoration Party, or DRC, was also very upset over the news.

"Brik is not the lawful owner of Sierra Gordo. His Great Seal of PBR was, by law, the symbol of ownership for the original island. Since Brik acquired the great seal the nation has exploded in size. It went from the tiny island that Brik owned to a large and affluent nation. Deeds saw this, our party was to bring glory to Sierra Gordo and follow the ideas of what our previous President would have wanted."

The DRC is referring to a old story, the Great Seal of PBR denotes the true owner of the nation. Many historians say whoever possess the seal owns the islands. The DRC is making the case that the new islands built since Brik took possession are free and independent lands. Legal experts say it is truly a "grey" area of law since it was PBR who paid for the expansions so they legally could fall under PBR rule. The DRC contests that free and independent figs worked hard to build those areas so they should control who rules them.

When asked for a statement Chancellor Brik only said, "If I or PBR wrote the check for those bricks and plates it is PBR lands. If they don't like it I'll be happy to institute a brick relocation program to eliminate the already free Gordo region."

Many analysts believe Briks anger over the situation is mainly because the DRC has a Deeds agenda. Regardless, a new governor replaces a old governor who was murdered and nothing was done to solve that case. Many figs expected protests but by coincedence, PBR forces were doing training excercises in the Sierra Gordo region today