The History of PBR





PBR's short but eventful history below.


The Begining

PBR's country began as a small region ruled by tribes of Figs trying to sieze control from the other tribes.

At this time PBR was ruled by a Fig named "Cowboy" who has now gone on to be a acting member of BlackBrik. The country was small and had many internal problems. This link talks of the begining


The Hurricane

In the winter of the first year a massive Hurricane named Brock came threw and destroyed much of PBR. It's Figs decided to move to a new, safer region.


The rebirth of PBR began soon after as Col. Brik and Bob the King lead the Figs to it's new territory

PBR rising up

PBR then grew quickly over the coming months as the population exploded and more buildings went up


The Figs of PBR where peaceful until the spring when the Rebel Scum and Evil Empire attemped to take over the country. Thankfully BlackBrik was there to defend the region

The Civil War of PBR breaks out

The war continues

The War goes on and the Pirates attack

Peace finally comes threw devastation as a nuke is accidentally set off in the War. With this negotiations with all Tribes break out and it is settled on who will lead the country until elections take place.

Peace finally arrives

Another Hurricane

Another hurricane devastates PBR and rebuilding takes place again. Amazingly the Figs of PBR rebuild just as everyone thinks it is not possible

 Another devastated Region

PBR's New Government

PBR rebuilt after the second major Hurricane of it's short history and went threw a massive amount of growth in population and region. It also had a major Election throughout the recent months that brought us Grand Puba Bob who now leads the region. With that leadership new buildings and other structures sprung up. Light rail systems came and went with a final Train layout that has brought much happiness  to the Figs of PBR. The Road system was improved. Public Safety added and Fire personnel brought in.

It now has a Fig population of over 350 and continues to grow as seen on the main page.


As 2008 came to a close please go to the Archives of '2009 to Present' to learn more.