Four Arrests In William City, Spying By The Empire?Sept2017

Four figs were arrested today just outside of Williams City near the train yard. The four figs were taken into custody by the protection unit for President Technic. No official statement on why the figs were arrested but sources inside the administration that are leaking information claim the four figs came from the Empire of Legoland, illegally, and took up jobs in obvious important rolls of UPBR government. If true, this could be a diplomatic disaster for the Empire after securing a huge oil deal with UPBR.
In other diplomatic complications the Empire of Legoland let it be known the Fred Deeds, former dictator and overall enemy of UPBR, has a new roll in the Empire parliament. Donald Technic did have a public statement for us over this new roll for Deeds. "Great fig, huge fig, he will do wonderful things for the Empire, just like he tried to do for UPBR but the figs weren't ready for a great leader like they are now. I cannot wait for a chance to tell Deeds how awesome we both are. We are the kind of figs who will make Lego great again. Figs throughout UPBR are left wondering what they got themselves into and what changes will be made. Many figs said "Just a few years of this, then new elections." Some figs are already calling for the HoS to hold impeachment hearings and have the Fig Bureau of Investigation check in to Technics activity.


Brikpublic Motorsports Under Construction july17
With plenty of free time on his hands now that he has retired from politics former president Brik is investing heavily in the auto racing community. His new complex being constructed outside of Brockton will be the center peice of motor racing in the Lego world. The facility will house multiple forms of motorsports and has bought a controlling share of TargaPBR. The TargaPBR series fell on hard times as political upheaval stopped the season midway through. International racers were put in danger and left UPBR during the violent time. These racers have agreed to return if they are allowed proper security from their home Lego country. Details on that security level and type have been keep a closed secret but rumors have leaked that military personnel can guard and secure drivers and teams. Our office reached out to President Technic for comment on allowing forgien soldiers on UPBR territory and the only response was "Can I have a few extra cheese slops for my latest project?" The HoS though did reply that all security is properly vetted and leaders of each nation have assured that only the very best will be on security and they will follow UPBR law.


Brik did not give a public comment but one of his assistants did let us know that the facility will hopefully be finished by summers end and will seat 200 figs on the front stretch and have camping, carnival and other fun activities for figs everywhere. The news of Brik's purchase of TargaPBR and this facility had a economic ripple effect throughout the country as travel agents will see a increase in tourism which means a increase in the economic well being of the nation. Brik is also rumored to be looking into a new division of Arbco, automotive manufacturing. Brik has long said the 4 wide car is the staple of any Lego nation but the UPBR has seen a huge increase in the 6 wide car the last few years. Some wonder why Brik would go backwards instead of staying true to the future but Arbco's only reply was "space, we don't have a lot of it, people will want a 4 wide car in their driveway, it makes room for two 4 wides.

HoS Halts Immigration Ban, March 2017
Angering the new President this afternoon, the House of Senate voted today to halt the executive order of President Technic and his immigration ban calling it "as silly as tyco blocks." The vote was a shocking defeat for Technics first executive order as the HoS voted 10-2 to kill it. The HoS also invoked their privacy clause to halt Technic or the media from seeing who voted which way. Donald Technic was quick to take to the podium and vent his frustrations. "Stupid, stupid members of the HoS who couldn't put a plate on a base. We need to drain the bucket of these broken bricks of figs. Drain it." Technic rambled on for another 45 minutes talking about making UPBR great again and building a wall. One member of the HoS did speak publicly, Leslie Anne, stated "Our nation is better than this hack of a leader. He has no idea what he is doing and I would bet the Empire of Legoland helped him win the election just to profit off our energy resources. I demand the Fig Bureau of Investigation to look in to these matters. As for the vote, this should help keep international tensions low as we will now allow all figs free travel in and out of the UPBR. We don't want to see our allies punished because our leader can't read a map."

In other news, our sources grabbed this picture of Donald Technic leaving the residence and kicking a puppy. Puppy fans all across UPBR are demanding a apology and a full investigation into whether Technic hates puppies.




Technic Press Conference Goes Off The Rails.

In a quick move over the last week IFE officers (immigration fig enforcement) rounded up figs that Donald Technic's administration has deemed "bad dudes". These figs are suspected to have immigrated from regions the Technic administration has deemed "bad dude places". Technic singed into law this past week a ban of figs visiting, living or traveling to UPBR if they come from the Technistan, Duplostan, Belvistan, and Dactastan regions of the Empire of Legoland. In the Federation of Legopolis and figs coming from Al-Babwa and Ancarta. These six regions are now on Technic's "bad dudes" list. The total amount of figs arrested hasn't been released but our information gathered from sources say three figs were shipped to detention centers. Those figs pictured below.

Fig rights activists were quick to protest the move and call it a mistake. One fig, who refused to give us his name out of fear of the Technic administration said this. "What stops these figs from immigrating to say, the Lego Republic, then immigrating here? Hopefully the other nations make sure who bad dudes are. I don't like bad dudes but I don't like keeping figs out of UPBR."

Another fig had this to say. "What the heck about Cobra? A total terrorist state and not on the list?" We reached out to the Technic administration and they gave us this statement. "Cobra is in negotiations to stop being bad dudes so we are looking to bringing the island back into the UPBR nation as a state."
Just this morning Donald Technic flew to Brockton and held a rally to keep his supporters supporting. He had this to say. "Fellow figs, we are doing awesome, everything is awesome and everything is going good. We drained the swamp. Col. Brik is gone. Bob the King is gone. All the figs that caused war after war and bad things are gone. We are now shipping bad dudes back to were they came from. Ancarta is a bad place, look at the LC1 news, which is fake news but look at it, they can't fix the region even after UPBR troops kicked down bricks over there. Bad dudes. That was a bad mistake by Brik and Bob the King. Look at our new energy deal with Legoland, they aren't bad dudes and we can work with them because they like great deals and we have great deals to make. Speaking of deals, we are working with the UPBR police to investigate Col. Brik and Bob the King for making bad deals and ruining the country. They are gonna go to jail for what they did."

This shocking press conference sent figs scrambling for different comments from all those talked about. Col. Brik refused comment but a source inside his company said "Technic wouldn't be president if Brik hadn't allowed a free nation with free elections." Bob the King laughed at the idea he would be arrested saying "Everything we did we did legally and openly." We will patiently wait for the international response to Technic's newest statements.

Military Action, Land Grab. North of East PBR.

UPBR, In his first major act as President, Donald Technic sent the UPBR military north into the unclaimed Manchurin territory. The sweeping military action is in response to a energy agreement made with the Empire of Legoland. Armed forces from the 3rd Marines, 3rd Army and 2nd Armored all moved north on Christmas day and have taken a wide swath of territory reaching the Empire. Measuring 3, 32x32 plates wide and many more long, the new territory will have electric and oil pipelines built in the next few weeks to supply the Empire with much needed energy. Pictured below, the new President and Emissary from the Empire are shown shaking hands after signing the new energy agreement. Tracks for rail transport are also being laid to speed up the process.

The new territory splits the Southern Manchurin region in two and puts the Lego Republic and Legopolis on notice that the new administration is reopening talks and pushing for even better relations with the Empire of Legoland. Tensions have been high the past years with Legoland, with fighter jets crashing, rogue pilots, disagreements on terrorism and the Fred Deeds situation had strained relations to the brink of war but this new move shows the two nations warming to each other again and brings a new international tension for the others in the Lego World.

Other nations were not given notice of this military movement, only the Empire was made aware of the action and was in agreement with it. Experts worried that the military would be stretched thin by the action but in a shocking move the House of Senate approved talks with the Cobra Island nation to become a state of UPBR. This move would almost double the size of the UPBR military and bring a long fought enemy into the UPBR umbrella of nations. Analysts called the move "totally crazy and demented" "the dumbest move a president could make" but others said that President Technic could eliminate a enemy with the stroke of a pen.