Government Organization,

President Donald Technic

12 Member House of Senate

 Supreme Chancellor Brik

 Acting President King

House of Senate

Sierra Gordo, Gov. Stud

Sierra Muerte, Gov. Jones

Census Data

Plate Party Members

Brick Party Members

2016 Nation Map, Carpathia and Darklonia are added as States of United PBR

2015 Civil War

Speaking from a top secret location in PBR, Chancellor Brik

With great regret we see conflict in our nation again. Figs throughout the lands have been betrayed by their president and general. Our forces that remain loyal will defeat the insurgents trying to take over our free and peaceful nation. I call on all figs to take up arms in defense of PBR. Together we can end this civil war quickly and with little lose of bricks or studs.

 Official announcement, mar6th/15

By order of the PBR Government. We publicly denounce and disagree with the Empire of Legoland's anti-religous laws. These laws should be changed to bring peace to their region. A Figs faith is a free choice. PBR also will not take any military action against Al-Medahyin. We do not back or support the Junta's actions.

President King.


All Class "C" Reservist are called to active duty

By order of the President, all class C Reservists will report the their home defense stations and be on full active duty until further notice. This includes all Police Figs, National Guard Figs and Firefighter Figs. Weapons will be issued at your defense station.

President King


PBR statment on pilot held hostage mar1/15

We, the elected members of PBR and our Chancellor, deplore the tactics used by this vicious and weak minded terrorist organization. We demand the release of Lt. Brickjan immediately, he should be transported safely to the nearest Imperial Army outpost in the Empire and be handed over for safe travel to PBR.



Let me be clear, PBR does not negotiate with terrorists. We showed that in the last months as we have disarmed Cobra of all WMD. Some may say we negotiated with terrorsts then....Let me also be clear, they are a nation state under the armistice treaty signed in 2013 which was overseen by the Empire of Legoland. Again, we ask our friends in the Empire to assist us now like they did in the past as we have patiently waited for Lt. Brickjan's release.


Our diplomat in PBR, Mr. Allen, has worked throughout the night and day with Fred Deeds to find a resolution to this horrific crime being perpetrated by terrorist. We appreciate Deeds open line of communication.


Al-Medayhin, you are to release Lt. Brickjan, there will be no negotiation, please contact our diplomat in the Empire of Legoland and confirm the details of the release.



As the press conference closed assistants to the Chancellor mentioned that Brik is having the pilots family flown in to his personal residence for their safety.



TLR elections.

PBR wishes to extend its congratulations to President Brick who was reelected to her position of President in The Lego Republic. PBR will continue to see a fruitful relationship with her nation and figs.


Reconfiguration of Armed Forces. Dec '14

PBR military forces will be addressed in the coming weeks to reconfigure the structure to better defend against changing threats in the Lego world. Our military page will be updated in the coming days to show that change. Force structure will not be discussed nor will man power of assigned divisions.

As we shift from a structure of combating terrorism to conventional brick warfare we want to clarify this is not a change to be seen as aggresion but as defensive.

General Hawk, Commander PBR forces.

Allegations By Mr. Charles, oct '14

In is rare for the government to officially recognize statements made by citizen figs. Especially citizens of another Lego nation. Even more so when those figs are wanted criminals in many nations. Needing to be hid in regions that will keep them safe from the law. But in this instance we feel the need to address a editorial written about PBR.

Mr. Charles has some errors in his editorial. Governor Borca is the proper name and he is the Govenor of Sierra Gordo. These are simple, understandable mistakes to have been made by a fig who obviously could not have visited PBR. Our visa system shows no record of a passport being stamped with Mr. Charles name. Did Mr. Charles illegally entered PBR or came under a false name? Being as he was a "enemy of the state" under the Deed's regime this may be his reasoning. We would expect answers to those questions before going forward.

We cannot take allegations of Cobra involvement in PBR businesses and officials seriously if those making the allegations have no facts to back up their editorial.

That said, PBR officials will form a committe to discuss the formation of a independent investigation into Cobra involvement with PBR.

Diplomatic Relations Opened With
The Lego Republic

President King was pleased to announce diplomatic relations with a new Lego country were opened today. The Lego Republic made contact with officials in the PBR government through Legopolis. Communication has been pleasant and cordial with the new nation. PBR expect a long and fruitful friendship with the Republic.

Trouble in the Empire pt2 7/26/14

PBR Military forces are now at "Yellow" alert with news coming from Legoland that Mr. Deeds has taken control of the military forces in the Empire of Legoland. We will make every effort to contact the Emperor's office and ascertain the full situation. Deed's is considered a clear and present danger to PBR and if he has the backing of the Legoland Empire's military we see that as a direct threat to our freedom in the Lego world.

Trouble in the Empire 3/7/14

Our diplomat is safe and secure as we continue to monitor what looks like a military deployment near government offices in the Empire of Legoland. We refer any figs with questions to monitor the Empire's website for further details. PBR forces are not acting in any capacity in the nation and will not unless asked specifically by Emperor David himself.

A Game of Checkers 12-3-13

Rumors of a "demand of meeting" memo being reported in PBR are false. President King asked for Mr. Archimold to come to his office for a game of Checkers. With the two players splitting the first two games and agreeing to play a third later this week to decided the victor. Relations with PBR and the Empire of Legoland are stronger than ever after they brokered peace for our nations.

Military Alert Returns to "Green" Status. 11-14-13

Military Readiness Alert, 10-31-13

With Nov 1st approaching the PBR Military will go from "Green" to "Yellow" alert status due to threats of War the Caprica's have issued towards the Empire of Legoland.

Diplomat off to the Empire, 9-27-13

Troy Allen, PBR diplomat, has arrived in the Empire of Legoland yesterday.  His roll will be to represent all PBR interests and negotiate all treaties and matters of government between PBR and the Empire. Fred Deed's accompanied Mr. Allen, Deed's is taking residence in the Empire as required by the Civil War Armistice Agreement.

President Decree, 9-14-13

All figs who fought in the 7 Day war are hearby absolved of all war crimes against the State of PBR or the figs of PBR. Loyalist supporters will be addressed individually and those deemed of sound brick will be given full freedom and rights that a PBR fig enjoys.

Those needing assitance assimulating back to figsociety will be given the brick needed to help them do so.

This action was voted on by the House of Senate, passing 4-0. Ratified by SC Brik and is now law.

Brik Statement to PBR

This will be short, until I have taken time to recover no full statement will be released. I President Brik take back my Presidency today, as first act I announce that I will be now the Supreme Chancellor of PBR. My first order as Chancellor is the ratify the elections of Sept 1st, of which Bob the King, also known as Bob King and now President King, won with 51% of the vote. The House of Senate is reinstated to its powers of overseeing the figs that elected them.

General Hawk will lead and oversee all PBR Military, reorganization starts today.

Cobra will take over the Northwest Island, they are and will be their own Nation. A independent state. They will be off PBR and will have to reopen diplomatic channels at a later date. Their Visa's or nationality as PBR figs will not be recognized after today.

Thank you all for your support in my time of need.

General Hawk Statement to PBR

I come to you today with good news, the Civil War is over. Members of both sides have meet and come to a Armistice Aggrement. We will be meeting later today to sign this agreement and officially end all hostilities. As of now both sides have agreed to stand down and stop fighting, this is a good sign of things to come.

President Brik is alive, we will be transporting him to a secure location later today and he will be escorted by Mr. Bob King and members of the FBA. We will let the PBR Press know when we are moving him so the media will be able to see he is actually alive and doing well, considering his injuries.

President Brik has announced that there will be changes at the highest level of Government in PBR. This is in reaction to the events of the past month and his status in PBR society and leadership positions. Details will be released at a later time by parties that wish to do so.

Cobra troops and leadership have made agreements and arrangements to leave PBR in the coming days, we have to iron out the details but while that is happening we expect all figs to allow us the time to this.

Mr. Deed's was apprehend this morning at the Happy Fig Massage parlor. He will be handed over to the proper figs in the future, again, details will be released by parties in charge of this agreement. His wife has filed for divorce after news of his indiscretions and arrest have come to light. We wish her the best moving forward.

Please be patient in the coming days, we have a lot to do and it will be hard work. Long Live PBR, Thank you.

President Deed meets with Cobra High Command

In a effort to further the war effort President Deed's is traveling to meet with his frontline commander, Major Blood. A quick statement from Deed's was given as he got into a Cobra escort vehicle.

"Just going to give a motivation speech to the troops, they so enjoy seeing me and hearing me speak. I was glad they called and asked to see me."

Cobra Forces to be on the Frontlines

Our forces have fought bravely on the front lines. We are allowing our fleshy brigade to resupply and will have the Cobra ground forces on the front lines, ready to push across the river and attack the rebel scum. Their HISS tanks will roll all the way to the Government HQ and on to Area 42 were we will be victorious.

All rumors of the fleshy protest are FBA propaganda to try and bring them some hope that they can win. The Caprican and Legopolis Missile threat has not altered our plans at all. Their missiles are outdated designs and haven't managed to hit a target they have shot at. They are but a nuisance and we are not worried about them. Their fleets will be sunk soon enough. They will venture into our mine fields and sink themselves. I am amazed they could find PBR on a map.

The Empire of Legoland would be wise to recontact Deed's office, being on the winning side will help them further their own needs.

Long live Deed's, long live PBR.

Presidential Address

I come before you today to express my gratitude to the brave and studded figs who have stood fast against terrorism and rebellion. History will show that our actions are just and needed to bring a free and peaceful PBR. Our efforts on the war front are going excellent. Flesh troops are deploying this evening. Our Rattler fighters own the skies and the HISS tanks are ready to cross the river and crush the rebel scum who are ruining our fine island. Strikes this afternoon has crippled the terrorists and left them running to hide.

I call on all figs to join us, stand with us and fight these mega block loving rebels. We will purify our country brick by brick. Cobra troops are coming door to door to confirm your support for my Presidency and the Loyalists that support a proper PBR nation.

The Battle is far from over, it is just beginning. It will end faster if you, the fig reading this, take up arms against the FBA. Together we will bring peace to the region.

As of this day, Sunday, Sept 8th, I am announcing that the Commander of Cobra will be taking control of all War efforts. Leaving me to deal with matters of the Nation and to form a "Coalition of the Willing", to take on our enemies foreign and domestic. With this action, PBR can lead the Lego World to its proper place, one rule under one flag.

Stand with us. Stand aside us, Stand behind us. But if you stand in defiance of us, you will pay the consequences.

Deed's to address Nation Sunday

President Deed's will speak Sunday to the Figs and the Lego world. His speech is scheduled for late afternoon. It is expected he will announce a Grand Campaign to rid the country of FBA forces.

Empire of Legoland to Assist PBR's Deed's.

We are pleased to learn the Empire of Legoland will be assisting PBR in its time of need. Deed's office negotiated the action with Mr. Archimold this morning, Sept 5th. This will bring a speedy end to the FBA terrorist rebels attacking our nation.

Fleshy Draft.

By order of President Deed's. All flesh figs are to report to Williams City for the required draft into the PBR Guard.

False allegations.

We will be shutting down the free press of the nation today unless they remove the false stories. Brik is dead, this is obviously a shopped photo, we can tell because we have seen a lot of shops and this one has the pixels all wrong.

We ask for the Lego world to put down the FBA, attack them as soon as you see them. They are enemies of the Brick and need to be destroyed.

Mr. Samuel Archimold, Diplomat from Legoland is being taken into protective custody today, for his own safety.

Minifig Times False Allegations. Sept 3, '13

The PBR Governmentcondems the Empire of Legoland's news organization for running a false story. Brik is not being held by anyone, anywhere. There is no definitive proof he is even alive, let alone being held by terrorists in PBR.
We demand a retraction be made on the story and the minifig times apologize for its false allegations.President Deeds assures the PBR figs that this is a false story and he is happy to be elected to lead us into a new era of peace and tranquility.

Chuck Charles Deemed "Enemy of the State"

PBR has officially put Chuck Charles, writer for the 'Morning Report, on the terrorist list for his comments against the Brikpublicand its allies in the Legoworld.

"We will hunt him down, we will find him, and we will take care of him."

This is the official response from President Deed's office.

GI Fig disbanned

As of this day, Aug 6th 2013, GI Fig is disbandedthey will be arrested shortly and any foreign communication from General Hawk should be deemed illegal and any figs in the lego world in contact with them should report to PBR government immediately.

PBR Vanguard To Launch.

This evening, PBR Vanguard will launch this evening, Aug 1st 2013. This is in response to the Caprica's threatening a "Peaceful" strike on suspected nuclear facilities in the Empire of Legoland.

PBR Vanguard
 photo d33b90aa-ea19-44bf-a80e-ec4dff181bc7_zps7ca18a93.jpg

Also, Bob is in custody for crimes against the State. He will be held until trial, which is set for Sept 2, 2013

Arbco Awarded Security Contract.

Arbco Corp willnow supply all personal security to the President.

 photo 20130720_145300_zps5daf7e7f.jpg

Executive Order
by President. June 2013

By order of President Deeds, BlackBrik and all other holdings and finances of the late President Brik will be transfered to the PBR Government. BlackBrik personnel will be drafted into the PBR Military by my order. All members who do not accept transfer will be retired without pension or benefit.




Acting President Deeds

Pictured with his Wife, Acting Pres Deeds. As President he has also announced he will run for election to replace the deceased President Brik.

 photo deeds1_zps75e30fa3.jpg

Flags to Half Staff

PBR officials have sent a order to all of PBR to lower the flags to half staff in respect and honor of
Sir Reginald Isaac Groons who passed away this week. The flags will remain at half staff until his funeral.

PBR has also declared that its first official space vessel shall be named 'PBR Groons' in honor of the Hero of the Empire. Legoland techinical support gave PBR the needed data to complete its first manned space vessel. A launch date will be announced after President Brik returns from the Empire. The President flew out early this morning to visit with Emperor David and attend the upcoming funeral of Groons.

PBR Armor

PBR is proud to announce the beginning of a new age in our grand Country. The two tanks pictured below will be the back bone of the Defense Force for the Island. We present to the world the Vanguard Heavy Tank and Prowler Light Tank. Both are original designs by the glorious PBR Armed Forces. The Vanguard, which is the grey tank to the left fires off a large 120mm HEAT or Sabot round, it is built with a turbine brick engine that matches anything in the world for torque. The Prowler Light Tank is the speed to assist the brut force of the Vanguard. It has a light, 88mm cannon firing HEAT rounds and has a top speed which is not matched by any force known to PBR.

Both are very well armored but details will not be released for security reasons.

 photo 80e21e50-1b33-46cd-9c53-483ea720a9d4_zps76f08414.jpg

Peace Summit Ends

As of today, March 9 2013, the successful Peace Summit hosted by PBR ends. Officially a success. War has been averted and PBR has signed Non-Aggresion pacts with both parties involved in the Summit. PBR also agreed to host a Diplomat from the Caprica's. This was the first official summit with Fig Nations and PBR showed that even though we are a small nation compared to the others, we can be a positive for Figs throughout the Lego World. We hope all nations can agree to live peacefully and respect each others cultures and differences. We thank the Caprican Empire and the Legoland Empire for attending and we thank both for their friendship.

Mar 7th 2013 Official Statement

PBR is pleased to announce that it has signed a 'Non-Aggression Pact' with the Empire of Legoland. This agreement was reached near the closing hours of the Peace Summit. Both sides agree they will give no military aide to enemies of either State.

The House of Senate voted 5-0 in favor of this agreement and President Brik immediately signed it into Law.

Mar 6th 2013 Official Statement

From the desk of President Brik. Concerning the Peace Summit.
          The Caprican Empire will be issuing a closing statement before this weekend. Then the Empire of Legoland will have a closing statement. At that time all parties from both nations will be leaving PBR and going home to their respective countries.

          We are also happy to report that PBR and the Caprican Empire have agreed to allowing Ambassadors from each country to be swapped. The details will be released when all formal negotiations are ended. PBR is happy to have found a friend in the Caprica's and we hope they have a long and fruitful brick life.


President Brik

President Brik took power in a Military Coup in the Summer of 2011. His rule since then has been one of peace and rebuilding the nation torn apart from years of Civil War. By acquiring the Great Seal of PBR he took total and complete ownership of the Island and also became the default ruler. There are no plans for elections in the future.