PBR Armor Movements


Arial photographs show a large armor build up along the northeast shores of PBR mainland. Using a small brick drone our reporters followed a armored column moving out of Area 42 towards the beaches in the northeast. With the 3rd Infantry and 3rd Marines still fighting in the Ancarta region our analyst predict this is further proof that PBR has Imperialistic plans heading into the warm summer months.

This armor movement now puts a bulk of the PBR forces either overseas fighting, at sea patrolling or in this region of PBR. This is leaving a vast area of PBR undefended. The Sierra Gordo and Muerte regions in the last few days have had no troop movements and figs in the region have told our reporters that most of the armor and troops have moved back to the mainland.


This troop movement, along with rumors of talks with Cobra Island and the possibility of overseas expansion could create tension with other Lego nations. We asked acting president General Hawk for comment but his office refused to return our calls. The HoS members were also silent when reached. We did however get in touch with family members of troops overseas fighting in Ancarta and they had this to say.
"We talked with our son, he is in the 3rd Marines, and he said that they are almost finished their mission in the Federation but their Sergeant said there would be no leave given to anyone. That they had a MEU to assist."
"Our boy is a pilot, he said he will be returning in a few weeks, but after repairs and rebricking, has another mission to go on."
A MEU is a Marine Expeditionary Unit, which is a combined arms event where ground forces are matched with Naval, armor and air units to move about the ocean to project force in a region. With all this information coming forth it is our analysts prediction that PBR forces will land in red territory before summers end.

Biker Gangs in Broca Beach

A "motorcycle club" as they call themselves has emerged in the community of Broca Beach. They call themselves the Dreadnoks and have taken up in a High Speed Customs shop in Broca. Police have been seen patrolling the area more than usual but as of this story no incidents of violence or crime has occurred that can be traced back to the club.

Broca Beach police cheif Chase McCain told reporters that the Dreadnoks have charters all over the Lego world and this is the first they have seen them come into PBR. With PBR's federal policy that has loosened visa requirements and allowed a growing population it was inevitable that some figs moving in would have questionable backgrounds.

We reached out to the Dreadnoks and a spokesfig for the charter released this short statement. "We are a brick bike club who enjoy riding and community service. We are not a criminal enterprise nor do we have the intent to do so."

Regardless, police have explained to the citizens of Broca Beach to report any unusual activity involving any fig on two wheels. The "see something say something" program has now been extended to figs who have not, at least to this date, done anything illegal in PBR.

PBR expansion in the works?

Deep inside Area 42 government officials are thought to be planning a major international event as leaks coming out of the HoS say PBR will expand to the Lego World mainland. This area, shown in red on the world map, is territory PBR believes is open for expansion. This would be a new approach for the now large nation as PBR has focused on expanding its island group as it has moved closer to Cobra Island physically and some sources say, politically. "PBR has had behind the scenes talks with Cobra Island since Cobra gave up its WMD program." A source in the HoS told us this week.
The expansion to the mainland does create some political problems for PBR though, this uncharted red territory is totally unknown and inspected. It is thought that PBR will use transfer rights to shift some green base plates to coincide with its recent acquisition of grey and tan plates. "If they are serious about expansion, they will likely try and be close to The Lego Republic and Legopolis, two allies. If they do pull this off it would be a economic boom for PBR as they could set up new rail and shipping lines. Right now PBR has dozens of unlaid 53400 and 53401 train tracks." the same inside source told us.
Not only could this be a economic boom but a military one as PBR continues to pump out troops and bricks destined for the military. It's growth in that sector of the PBR economy has been 125% in the last year. "It's obvious PBR is shaking off the 3rd world and 2nd world persona and becoming a 1st world Lego country. Who is to stop them? They have all the makings of a Super Brick Power. Large military, booming economic times, fig freedom and the recently released knowledge of a WMD program....they are not sitting by letting others gooble up the bricks." -political analyst Brick Manning wrote in his latest editorial.

Area 42 photo

More information was requested  but the HoS and Chancellor Briks office refused to comment on any requests. General Hawk, President of PBR did explain PBR is always looking to grow but wouldn't answer if that meant moving east with its expansion.

Targa PBR race weekend.

Racing action this past weekend occured in the small city of Brockton. With international super star race car figs fighting it out for glory and first place. Please head over to our racing webpage for full details! Find out more at http://targapbr.bravesites.com/


PBR Soldier Killed in Battle

It has been released that a soldier from the 3rd Infantry Division was killed in Ancarta this past week. The soldiers name is not being released per PBR government order. What was released was some details of the events and a report on the fighting in the contested Federation territory. The soldier killed was patrolling a village near the Greater Brick Mountains as Federation troops cleared IED's, placed there by terrorist insurgents. These IED's were placed in civilian sectors and were specicifically designed to not only kill PBR or Federation forces but civilians.

"The terrorists are on the run, our forces have worked hard with Federation troops to push them to the breaking point. The weeks of fighting will bring peace to the region. We fully expect to stay the course and remain with our allied forces fighting in Ancarta. It comes as great regret to announce a PBR hero has fallen. I have been assured by Federation officers that everything that could be done was done to save his life. They wasted no time flying the fig to the Res Q but it was just too little, too late. Our doctors said it was amazing that the fig was alive when he made it. They praised the medics of the Federation, they said if this is how hard they fight to save lives, PBR citizens can be assured everything will be done for our wounded." Comments from General Hawk regarding the incident.

At home, a small group of fig protesters tried to rally support for a "bring our figs home" protest but only a handful of figs showed up and a counter protest erupted that chased them away. Figs rallied around the HoS to show support for PBR's overseas fighting with the Federation.

3rd Infantry and 3rd Marine forces held a private ceremony at a FOB which is located in the Ancarta region. The PBR flag will be lowered to half staff for one week and the soldier figs family will be brought to Williams City to meet with General Hawk and Chancellor Brik in a private dinner to discuss the figs family future. Federation government officials sent condolences to the figs family and behind the scenes are working with the PBR government to make sure the fallen figs family is taken care of.


Racing in PBR!

The Inaugural Williams City 100 was raced Sunday and the figs of PBR were lined up Saturday evening to get front row seats for what was a exciting race. Sebricktian Vettel in the F1 Ferrari took the overall win of the race and won the F1 class. James de la Coche  and Sera Conduit fought it out to the last lap with the Conduit edging past the Federation car with a last corner dive bomb pass to take the win in GT. In Indy ,a late signup new comer Jimbo Brickford bounced off the field of Indy drivers and skated across the line with bricks everywhere to take the win in the Indy class.

The race was exciting right from the start as action in the first corner had “The Brick” needing to make a early pit stop as one of the Ferrari’s of old cut in front of him and tore the nose piece off. Brick was not pleased at the end of the race, coming in last in F1 puts him in the hole early in the season. “The Brick" never spoke to the media, nor took his helmet off as he headed to the hauler. His crew chief though did have something to say.  “I can’t believe that fig, the race isn’t won on the first lap and he cut our nose right off to gain that spot.” The nose cut off also gobbled up two Indy drivers who ran over the large chunk in the track. “The really should look into running the Indy cars in their own race. Those big tire cars, one brick falls off and if we hit it our cars are junk.”

The Brick getting his nose removed

Eventual race winner Sebricktian Vettel

Over in GT the post race interviews were hot and heavy as James de la Coche didn’t hold back. “Sera used my rear bumper as their brakes, the dive bomb slid me out and they stole first. I ran a methodical race and earned my front running spot, to be moved over in the last corner, I won’t forget that.” Sera Conduit had a different opinion on the last corner. “James slowed down, I had good momentum and the line, he just used up his tires and was going into that last corner slower than usual. We may have touched, I can’t tell, the video will let you know. My bricks are all still in place, clicked together, so even if I did touch him it couldn’t be that bad.” The young driver leads the points in GT now with James de la Coche in second and Valery Vitese in third.

Sera Conduit last corner pass on James de la Coche for the GT win

Over in Indy, Jimbo Brickford was just happy to just finish the race even though he took first in his class. “Crazy, just crazy, these little Indy cars with the big tire cars on the track, we were like speed bumps to them. There isn’t a brick on my car that is tight right now. I didn’t win the race, I survived.”

Brickford, happy to win and survive the race

Bernie Bricklestone was quick to explain and apologize to the Indy drivers. “We really didn’t expect such a speed difference, the Indy cars are slower but much lighter so we thought the drivers would be fine and keep the same pace. We didn’t expect the lack of proper sight lines to hinder things. The big GT cars can kind of push their way past the Indy cars. At the next event, we will run two separate races, this should help ease the concerns of the Indy drivers and give the fans even more racing for the same bricks. The only time they will run together is the final race of the year, the Targa Rally event. We can stage them last and the course will be clear of the big tire cars.”

Regardless of the controversy, fans were extremely pleased with the overall experience of Targa racing. “I can’t wait for the next race, I really had a great time. The not only had racing but carnival rides and celebrities to talk to.” One young fig explained. It looks as though Mr. Bricklestone has hit gold bricks in PBR. Government officials are ready to pour more funding into tracks and areas for racing as they see a potential increase in a already flourishing tourist season. Beaches, fishing, racing, and good drinks? PBR is the place to be it seems.

GT cars running strong


Does PBR have nuclear ambitions?

It is no secret that the government of PBR possesses one nuclear weapon. This single weapon is thought to be on the smaller scale as far as bricks go, able to wipe out two to three 32x32 base plates. One very small device was denoted on one of the outer islands years ago during one of the many civil wars fought during PBR’s early days. In that explosion only two base plates were destroyed.  Figs from the castle theme had no idea what they were swinging a axe too and the denotation brought a bloody war to a end. All sides involved realized the folly of their ways.

Now it looks like the current regime is ready to ramp up production. A mistake made by Arbco shipping (a subsidiary of Extensive Enterprise)  showed three large and heavy motors being trucked from the docks in Brockton and heading north towards the mountains and a final destination we can assume is Area 42. The main military outpost in PBR. Our analysts looked at the pictures snapped by a local fig and close examination shows they are motors used to spin centrifuges, a critical step in separating Uranium. The centrifuges spin extremely fast to separate the two types of isotopes. U-235, used to make a bomb or fuel a power plant and U-238 used to create plutonium-239 used in nuclear reactors.

It is unknown at this time how many of these motors have been shipped into the nation or where they are coming from. Arbco shipping was raided months ago and its owners lost the business, EE bought up the business shortly after getting permission from the government. We contacted Arbco and EE for a comment but their main office refused to divulge details over customers or shipping due to privacy concerns.

We also contacted the HoS and acting President Hawk but have not received any comment.

Extensive Enterprises also made the news this week coming up with a contract to bring back the police figs who walked off the job. Their contract offer with PBR and the police fig union brought a end to the massive strike. Police figs are now given citizen status and will no longer be associate with the PBR military and will see their main office refurbished by the end of 2015. In return for these concessions the police figs will see a pay cut and will not be getting additional brick allocation and police figs.


General Hawk Press Conference

General Hawk spoke with the media today outside the HoS building in Williams City. He addressed the concerns figs have over the President and talked about international news. “President King is in good health thanks to the wonderful doctors at Williams General Hospital. Even though he is in good health he can only remain healthy if he takes time away from the stress of running the PBR. In the last few months international pressure mounted and the stress caused him to make rash and unguided decisions. His overseas contact with different groups was not the nor of our international policy.” Reporters were quick to ask if King’s health may have played a roll in dealing with Al-Medahyin. “King’s international policy moves were not directly overseen by our Chancellor, internal emails show he did many things without contacting the Chancellor.”

Again reporters ask for more information on President King but General Hawk deflected the questions to PBR Space news.“We have a third shuttle available now for orbit. With this third ship we will be on a monthly mission schedule with flights every 15th of the month. In the coming months we hope to put a space station into orbit, and then land on the Lego Moon. Our future depends on going forward with technology and advancements in space travel, which will give us a better understanding of bricks here on the Lego world.” Photos of the new shuttle atop a large plane show that PBR is serious about technology and becoming the big clicker of Lego. The amount of figs now in the space program number in the hundreds as more and more allocation of bricks from the general fund going to scooping up old bricks and sets abandoned by nations that have fallen into the “dark ages” of Lego. General Hawk pulled no punches when stating they will gladly pay little to nothing for a nations bricks if they give up on the Lego world.

When the questions session was continued reporters asked for a statement concerning the recent article in the minifig times and General Amuns statements.

“I am a military fig, he is a military fig, we know the real dangers of the Lego world. Our nations leaders set policy and we carry it out, some times policy can change when leadership changes. It is possible that Amun and myself could have a cordial relationship.”  Hawk went on to talk about the fighting in Ancarta and how PBR troops are holding up. “3rd Marines, 3rd Infantry are doing very well. Fighting continues, Colonel Sharp is leading our forces there and he reports our troops are on the front lines battling AIM and pushing them back to the coast were they can float off to never bother the Federation again. Our air force is giving great CAS and we expect reports from the Federation in the near future. Thank you, that is all for today.”

With the end of the news conference figs in PBR news were quick to jump in and analyze Hawk’s statements.

“Obviously we are looking at a regime change, sure, Brik is still the Chancellor but he never set policy, he may endorse it, or crush it. In this case we may have seen a Presidency crushed due to back door dealing with a terror group. Our only saving grace to this is the 2016 election season is coming up. The HoS seats and Presidency will be in contention."  Studado Geraldo mentioned in a news segment

Chancellor Brik Joins Targa Racing
Mr. Brik is no new comer to the racing community. His open wheel racing dates back to the early days of PBR. Never really getting off the ground his team raced only local amatuer events and didn't make a big splash on the national stage. Now that a full series has come to PBR Brik has decided to jump back in. His spokesfig gave a short statement at a press conference where Brik showed off his open wheel car, based off the new Speed Champion cars and the older #8168 designs.

The Chancellor is happy to join Targa racing. The greatest series to hit the Lego world. Mr. Bricklestone has a great series planned and we think we have what it takes to compete at the top level, the large open wheel level.

It's obvious with bricks to throw around that the Chancellor thinks he will compete with the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes, the two top open wheel cars. Bricklestone went on to explain that some class changes were bound to happen to tighten up the competition.

"We will announce the changes shortly, but we are closing in on a closed wheel big car class. Our open wheel big tire class and a small tire class and a closed wheel small tire. MOC or set doesn't matter any longer. The bricks in each class are pretty equal, it still comes down to fig and brick together to win. We are also pleased to announce the Federation of Legopolis has told us James de la Coche, aka Senor Speed, will be joining the series in a Porsche."

Chancellor Brik refused to take questions but his spokesfig did say that President King is resting comfortably and that there is no concern for the nations stability. Some pundits claim Briks move back into racing is another in a long line of distractions when major news breaks. Briks Spokesfig did mention the fighting in the Federtation.

"PBR is proud to be fighting side by side with Federation troops, the defeat of AIM is close at hand. Bringing security to the Ancarta Island."

President King Blundering Public Display

Caught at a time trial session for Targa Racing, President King was not ready for a blistering media assault with questions ranging from international affairs to class warfare.
The President was on hand in Williams City as testing continues for the Targa racing season. His appearance was not a planned public event and he was expected to not talk with the media or the public but one savvy reporter spotted the President with his camera and from there the media blitz started.


Asked about the PBR forces in the Ancarta region, King stumbled to even know what was occurring "PBR forces are in PBR territories, securing our borders. This obvious blunder left reporters confused and King was questioned further. "We are doing our part to secure freedom from AIM."  It was clear to reporters that King was not on the same page as his government.

Pressed about the police fig strike King quickly let it be known that the military is now the police force. "GI Fig has it all under control, the police figs are somewhere in Gordo and we will deal with them soon enough." This had many figs fearing military round ups of innocent figs. King quickly changed his tune. "No, no, no military conflict will occur in Gordo, our forces are not in Muerte preparing for intervention." This confused reporters as there are no reports of troop movement in Muerte.

This statement led reporters into PBR defense, with figs fighting overseas, figs securing Brickjan's release and most of the class C reservists AWOL and GI Fig acting as police it is obvious PBR is stretched thin.

"No,no,no, we called up the Class C Clone forces. You know, C....for Clone. Now, if you will let me be, I have a election to prepare for, we can't have Deeds winning the election!" King said

Clone forces have not been deployed in PBR since the civil war when they fought for Deeds regime and Kings mention of a election against Deeds is years ago. By this point of the questioning Kings security force stepped in and whisked the President away. Not stopping for a light in Williams City. It was reported that King was immediately sent to Brik's office.

A spokefig for King said the President had been at the track all day, the bricks spewed out by the Speed Champion Cars present caused him to become dizzy from the exhaust and his not used to being out in public so long.

General Hawk was outside the Presidents quarters and quickly clarified the governments position.

"We are assisting a ally in the Federation, they did so for us and as a true friend and ally we feel it is our duty to bring AIM to justice, even if it is by force. Part of 3rd Infantry and 3rd Marines are assisting along with other forces that we won't detail for security reasons. We are not "stretched thin" as you have asked. Our military is built to be able to fight on two fronts and defend the home bricks. GI Fig is just overseeing public safety, contracts are being signed now with Extensive Enterprise to bring a new police force online this week. Those striking figs will have warrants issued for their arrest. No more questions please!"

The Generals comments came to little to late as it is obvious our appointed President has something going on. More to come as this story unfolds.