New Director of Space Program Announced.

Today President King announced that Commander Benny, director of Space operations for PBR, would be moving to the experimental division of the program. In his place would be Neil Brickstrong. Brickstrong has been with Space only a short period of time but his idea of leading
the division in a more "traditional" manner caught the eye of government officials.

"Commander Benny is a great asset to Space, but his leadership was moving us to ship design that would never take flight with the technology we have on hand. His ships were purely experimental. The Executioner, for example, is still in the design phase."

With the division going to a more traditional program it is expected that shuttles will be the focus for space travel. The PBR Future has already logged a dozen launches delivering satellites and running experiments as it orbits the Lego world. It has not been stated if the Vanguard lift program will be continued. The Vanguard rocket gobbled bricks to make orbit and took a incredible amount of work to maintain safe launches. 

When asked if this change of leadership could mean cooperation with other Lego worlds a spokes fig for Space gave us this statement."We do hope to bring other Lego nations into the fold of traveling to space. Brickstrong has floated the idea of a International Space station and talk of legal ownership and use if a manned flight to the moon and beyond is floated."

Ask for comment about his new role in the Space Program, Commander Benny only replied, "SPACESHIP!"

House of Senate Votes.


In a unanimous decision the House of Senate voted today to allow the region of Sierra Gordo to have open elections. The move comes as protests continued through the month as figs in the region demand a voice. The region already has the ability to vote in members of the HoS but with the decision today the region will elect its own Governor.

Minutes after the announcement two political parties announced they would be running a candidate. The Independent Sierra Gordo party and the Deeds Restoration Committee both went public. The immediate differences were obvious as both parties want independence but a glaring fact is one wants a past dictator to come home to lead. This could create a political mess if the party gains popularity. Fred Deeds is now a political member of the Empire of Legoland and has no legal citizenship to PBR since his exile.

Our reporters are requesting comment from President King but his office has not returned calls this weekend


Hull Set In Williams City

Photos from a dock in PBR show a large white hull being set. The Hull measures a predicted 88 studs in length and at least 22 studs wide. Military personnel have not stated the hulls purpose and with its size it would be the largest ship flying the PBR flag. Ship builders asked to comment also refused to indulge reporters claiming their secrecy means a bonus pay check upon completion. Considering its extreme size many analyst believe the ship will be a troop transport with helicopter support. It's deck size does not lead them to believe it will be a aircraft carrier. Regardless of what it will become many see it as a continued push by PBR to flex its muscle in the Lego world.


 photo 20141227_1150231_zps50ed8fb0.jpg


Others in PBR have started to complain of the obvious brick shortage that has cropped up since the hull was set. Figs around the islands are seeing a severe shortage of white 2x4's and also black and yellow bricks of all sorts have been in short supply. As 2015 starts in PBR a brick recession may be setting in until imports match up with demands.


In other news, the heroic fig pilot who is still missing in Legoland has still not been returned. The PBR Flagg continues to keep patrol just south of the suspected area the fig is being held. The HoS has declared the lack of action "A troubling issue, we expected the pilot to be returned in December. The delay has given us pause as to the true location and condition of the pilot. Our diplomat expects to hear from Legoland soon to confirm a solid date for the figs release.


Bricks Reelected. PBR Government Pleased

With 51% of the vote Marie Bricks is reelected President of The Lego Republic. Officials waited all night for the final vote taly to be announced before sending congratulations. It is expected to bolster international relations as Bricks seems to be settling in to the chaos of Lego world politics and handling the bricks and plates that go along with it. The Republic has seen little to no violence or military action compared to other Lego nations and experts believe that is the reason for such a decisive victory for Bricks.


PBR Freedom Decommisioned.

In a move that can only be seen as adjusting to a changing world, General Hawk announced today a restructuring of the PBR Military. The first act was to decommision its oldest warship, the Freedom. The Freedom was never considered a mainstay Battleship and couldn't even qualify as a Destroyer or Cruiser.  The Freedom roamed the seas since the early days of Briks control of our country. It was set for refitting and updating but the military saw fit to use those bricks for other projects in the armed forces. Rumors spreading in the naval yards are the PBR Navy will be setting a hull in the coming year for a aircraft carrier. This size of a ship will gobble up a large supply of bricks planned for import in 2015. It is expected that manufacturing and material for this ship will be imported through the new trade agreement with the Federation of Legopolis. Nothing though has been confirmed on the carrier or if industrial imports will be used, speculation is running rampant right now.


PBR airfig location known, diplomatic negotiations ongoing.

The heroic airfig whos mission was to protect the Empire of Legoland from a rogue attack has been located. Behind the scenes diplomatic work is ongoing, a spokesfig for the government mentioned. The airfig, whos name is not being released at this time out fo respect for his family, is said to be in the southern region of the Empire being held by the Buntu tribe. It is rumored they demand a ransom payment for his release.

file photo of a P4 Skyhawk, the plane the fig was flying
 photo 20131012_1154301_zps9dd917f3.jpg

The PBR Flagg is now south of that region in international waters monitoring the situation. It will remain on site as long as possible to secure the release of the airfig. Ask if this was a military mission Gen. Hawk, commander of PBR forces, reiterated that the Flagg is there for the airfig, not to attack Empire citizens or Imperial Army forces.

We are told diplomat Allen is working hard with the Empire to get the airfig home safely. "We expect this to take time, the region is not a place your regular figs reside or Imperial forces operate at a usual fast pace. They are working on his release, we have been assured."

In other news. Protests continued in Williams City as a resolution to the striking police figs has not been found. The HoS has not made a statement concerning their demands. It is expected that President King will intervene in the situation to bring it to a close.


Protests in Williams City

Figs lined up outside police HQ today in protest over a aparant "blue flu" that many officers seem to have. Police coverage has all but stopped on the main island as police figs show their anger over PBR's international relations. A spokesfig for the police gave a list of demands and requests. Some question the difference between the two. Readers will remember the police figs backed the Deeds regime when he was in power.

 photo 20141214_1024511_zpsafd04ebf.jpg


The list asks for free and open elections for the Sierra Gordo region of PBR. The region sees a large population of 'fleshy figs' also previously loyal to Deeds and many police figs reside in Gordo. As of now the HoS has not appointed a governor for the Gordo region. It has been slow to move on the matter since the previous governor was murdered. Investigations into that murder have brought about no leads.

Second on the list is new police facilities or the cleaning and repair of the existing one. Also the repair and general cleaning of all police cruisers and equipment.

Lastly, they request they be removed from the reserve military of PBR. Police figs make up "class C" reservists and are normally called up in times of full war. Speculation is the police union fears PBR acting militarily against the Empire and refuses to involve itself in any act against Deeds.
The news comes at a time when Chancellor Brik is just flying back into PBR after a world tour that has been seen as a positive for the future
of PBR.

Crisis Over On Cobra Island

In a shocking twist that can only be explained by looking at history, Cobra today agreed to have PBR troops land and inspect the island for WMD material. All stocks of WMD were handed over to PBR and negotiations were started with ending the "No fly/float zone" around the island.

 photo 15813728828_a6def21d70_o_zps72efc922.jpg

Analysts believe that both sides see the rise of Deeds to a full government position and the fall of the Tripartite Pact as a sign of new threats on the horizon.

Diplomat Troy Allen is expected to be in meetings all this weekend trying to shore up a faltering international relationship.

"We do not want conflict with the Empire." was reiterated from President Kings office this afternoon. "We don't know how the Empire will react to any moves we make so we are taking a cautious approach. Cobra has agreed to simple and easy terms and we expect our work on the island to be completed this weekend. We will then see the FNS Typhoon return to the Federation. The PBR Flagg will escort her back to port and then head North to patrol. During this patrol Diplomat Allen will secure the release of our airfig who is in the Empire. If you will all recall his plane was shot down while attempting to stop the rogue pilot who tried to assassinate Deeds. the pilots health should be fully restored, we expect he will be ready to board a boat and meet with the Flagg in the near future."

News of this sudden change of events should have sent figs into a panic but many have been prepared for war with Cobra. Some figs moving about had a unique outlook on the situation.

"What the brick, fig? Deeds is all up on opening schools, new foreign relations, imagine how awesome PBR would be if he would have won the civil war?"

Other figs were seen protesting the government tonight. Angry we move from a open and clear threat to the unknown, again.


Brik Spreads Influence Throughout Lego World

In a fast pace and exciting visit Chancellor Brik signs a historic treaty with Legopolis while he is touring the country. Brik flew in over the weekend and wasted little time establishing stronger ties with the Federation, after a day of meetings and shaking cupped hands Brik sped off to tour the rest of the country. During the same time the FNS Typhoon set sail for PBR waters on a "training excercise". This military move comes just days after we reported supply and control problems with the no fly/float zone around Cobra Island.

 photo brikwaving_zps630aceb6.jpg

President King made some strong statements in communications with the Federation slamming the Empire of Legoland for its isolasionist stance. In recent weeks the Empire has closed up its borders to most every Lego nation and didn't allow Brik to visit during his world tour. Diplomats for PBR and the Empire have not released any statement over this tit-for-tat that has continued for some time but leaks in PBR mention frustration that a strong Empire that leads the Tri-pact Axis needs to reconsider embargos.

The treaty signed by Brik opens the door to agriculutre exports to Legopolis, and also loosens restrictions on travel visas for Federation figs. It is expected that both industries will see a boost from this treaty. Banking members of PBR were not so pleased as the treaty allows Legopolis banks to open their doors in PBR. Extensive Enterprise, the largest of finacial institutes blasted the move calling it "catering to the elite party crowd that makes up the Lego world leadership" and "nothing more than payback for Legopolis military doing what PBR cannot." The last statement in reference to the FNS Typhoon, which also was involved in the Seven Day Civil War. The Typhoon was instrimentul in helping end the conflict. Firing a relentless barrage of missiles and cannon shells on Deed loyalist. The treaty also allows the strong Legopolis Industrial sectors access to importing their goods to PBR. This move is expected to help PBR establish a light industrial sector using Federation imports. Another move that angered the banking industry who expect to lose money with PBR companies having more choices for its manufacturing.

Word on Briks next move is being held secret by PBR officials. Leaks say he may try to tighten ties with the Republic of Lego next, or just keep jet setting around the world while conflict at home become even more tense now that the Typhoon is coming


PBR Flagg Docked for Resupply.

As the "No Float/Fly Zone" around Cobra island goes from days to weeks to months PBR military units are in need of resupply and refitting. Analysts indicate that this military endeavor will gobble up 40% of the budget for the military this fiscal year. Generals are lobbying the House of Senate to increase funding for the 2015 year. As of now the HoS has not taken any measures for or against this action. President King has indicated they will be asking for assistance for ally nations interested in keeping Cobra in check. Some generals are upset that a invasion force is not part of the plan.

 photo 15764541368_75c5291f38_o_zps39407891.jpg


"We need ground figs to fight this war. Planes and ships circling the island is just PBR wasting resources while Cobra gets more time to setup its defenses."says one officer who wished not be named.

Sources in PBR intelligence has indicated no ground attack is planned until they can confirm if Cobra has Megablok weapons and where they are located. "Once we confirm if they even have the weapon, we find its location, take it out, and then a ground invasion can be discussed." 

One thing is for certain. Figs in military service are being worn thin as training rotations and supplies are increased to keep PBR safe and contain Cobra Island. We have confirmed that class "A" grade figs are now off the front lines and have been replaced by class "B" reserve forces. There hasn't been a call up for class "C" reservists who make up 30% of the non active military force of PBR. Our sources indicate if class C reservists are called up you can expect a invasion by either force. "If we are calling up class C troops then it is war. Either we are invading or we expect Cobra is invading us." says intel analyst Simson Plate.


Briks Travels Abroad

Chancellor Briks world tour is starting to get notice. The Lego Republic released photos and details of his visit in the country this past week. Brik has set a relaxed schedule and details are not being publicly released. PBR News was not allowed to travel with the Chancellor so we ask you to visit to learn all about Briks overseas adventure. A spokesfig for Brik did release this statement for our readers.

"Brik has enjoyed his stay in the Republic. The weather was fantastic as was the food and beverages. The figs of the Republic were gracious and very hospitable. His accomadations were excellent and very relaxing. Chancellor Brik meet with the nations leader and feels the international relationship between the two countries is stronger after that meeting."

In other news. Along with Targa PBR road racing is starting to take hold in PBR. Williams City hosted a small event to top level drivers this week. The ciruit was a closed course in the downtown city streets and drivers put on a exciting show for figs who turned out to watch. Cole Block took the overall win in his 60053 series car.

 photo 20141127_092118_zpsef903b1f.jpg


Local Drivers Excited to Race

Williams City, drivers from around the main island meet up this week to have their vehicles inspected and tested by Targa PBR officials looking to clarify the rule brackets for the up coming rally races. Inspectors were thankful for the group that showed up with cars they plan to run.

"We needed to get a baseline. Government officials were happy to open up a section of the city for cars to stage, we ran some speed tests and compared results. We feel each class will be properly set up and our tech officials are going over safety features and rules after today."

 photo 20141112_0710301_zpsf36d27e0.jpg

The current crisis in PBR has hindered efforts to get Targa PBR established. On going international problems look to have less drivers willing to travel to PBR. The Empire of Legoland has a embargo on the country and race officials expect that includes drivers and cars wanting to compete in PBR.

"We hope diplomatic work is going to solve that issue. Legopolis, the Lego Republic, have confirmed that figs in their nation are interested and even
Kilimanlego will possibly send teams."

Bernie Brickelstone is expected to travel abroad to drum up support for Targa PBR and has mentioned that a few local rally races are going to be held to iron out any problems before the rally series goes live. Mr. Brickelstone is expected to fly out this week and hopes to follow Chancellor Brik's planned tour. His office mentioned that Brik's tour will have figs excited about PBR and he sees this as a opportunity to gain support.

PBR Spirit takes to the skies

Many figs throughout PBR wonder how the country can allow its Chancellor to fly off in a small, defenseless #6673 Solo Trainer for his world tour, officials were happy to answer that question for us today.

"Not only is a P4 Skyhawk escorting Brik, his #6673 has been outfitted with the latest counter measures, radar and safety gear. It seats two so there is a co-pilot for the extended journey. We are also pleased to announce the completion of a heavy lift aircraft, the PBR Spirit."

 photo 20141104_0630301_zps053dae73.jpg

Specifics of this massive airframe were not given to reporters but we did get a snapshot of it on display outside Williams City. The aircraft has the capability of reaching any nation and return to PBR on one single fuel load, even fully loaded. Seating capacity can be managed by ground crew which can adapt the aircraft for any mission.

"For Briks tour, this aircraft will be in the sky, watching. Anyone foolish enough to threaten Brik will have their parts scattered to the ocean floor. We were hoping to test its full capability but Brik won't be visiting the Empire of Legoland on his world tour."

Officials were surprisingly open about the issues with Legoland. The Empire seems to still believe everyone in PBR could give them the Megablok. Even Brik has been told he cannot enter the Empire. Briks office explained that fear could take hold in the nation if even a few figs worried. These officials were agitated by the news also.

"We have a pilot still in Legoland. After the rogue fighter attempted to attack the Empire our hero pilot ran out of fuel chasing him, ejected and was rescued by heroic Imperial troops. They have cared for him, nursed him back to health and Brik had hoped to be there to watch a PBR hero board the Spirit and be brought home."

The pilots name has never been released but he is reported to be in good health and staying with locals.

"They worry about Brik bringing Megablok to the Empire but they have a PBR pilot already there, healthy, and not showing any signs of the virus. Proof it is safe for Brik to travel there." One official stated.

The HoS has convened to vote on measures to assure the pilot is given safe travel back to PBR. They also will be discussing their own travel embargo on the Empire. Diplomat Archimold of the Empire is being asked to speak to President King this week to find a proper solution to this on going crisis.

Briks schedule is being adjusted. The first leg of his trip to the Lego Republic will be extended if they will have him. Officials from the Republic have been excited to have Brik there and have made sure his stay will be one to be remembered. As of now his stay is three days but Brik hopes to extended it even more. Just relax and take in the sites. After the Republic Brik will fly off to Legopolis and meet with as many figs as time will allow.

Brik World Tour as PBR rebounds from crisis

 photo 20141027_0715171_zps22f6d1fc.jpg

Chancellor Brik was seen boarding his private plane today with his personal assistant as he prepares to visit three different Lego nations over the coming month. The timing has many figs discussing who is in charge but Chancellor Briks office firmly stated that he is flying off to other nations "in a effort to rebuild relations, move forward and solve the crisis" but some figs believe he is playing a fiddle as PBR burns.

The first stop in his tour has not been released but many believe it will be the Lego Republic which is a short flight for Brik. His time there has also not been announced but it is expected to be a few weeks at least. From there it is off to the Empire of Legoland and then his final stop in the Federation of Legopolis.

"Not only will Brik meet with Lego leaders and candidates but he will experience their culture and history to better understand the figs."

Many pundits are wondering why Brik would fly again, just a year ago his plane was shot down, Brik went missing and was captured and tortured by Cobra which then kicked off the civil war and brings us to our current crisis.

Briks office blasted those comments and reminded figs "If your brick falls off a wall, do you stop building the wall or put the brick back in place?" They went on to clarify that President King is still running PBR, a new Governor for Sierra Gordo will be announced soon and Cobra Island is contained by the no fly/float zone that has been established.

"We haven't had a block fired and we managed a crisis in a few days. Yes, Cobra still exists and is out there but they are contained. We mitigated the current crisis and did not break the armistice treaty doing so.

Governor Borca Dead

PBR news is reluctant to release this shocking image of newly appointed Borca, dead, in his living quarters in Sierra Gordo. Police responded to a call of bricks fired at the residence early this afternoon. No details have been released but a anonymous source in the department gave us the image and said that military forces were to move on the residence this evening to take Borca into custody. They were about to move in when the call came to the police department. Military officials have not commented.

 photo 20141023_1745351_zps19eb411d.jpg

With news of Borca dead, possible Cobra involvement in Arbco and their threat of releasing Megblok on figs of PBR citizens throughout the lands were again bricking up their windows and grabbing supplies, expecting the worse. The economic impact of the recent crisis has cause a 40% drop in tourism in PBR and a 50% drop in import/export business. President Kings office has been working behind the scenes with other Lego nations to assure them there is no cause for alarm and to try and reboot the economy.

"Yes, Cobra is again a threat, they have a virus they could unleash but won't. We have them contained on Cobra island. We are working to set up a 'no fly/float zone' around Cobra island. Other nations will hopefully be joining our forces who are already monitoring the situation. If Cobra fires a Megablok rocket towards PBR we can and will shot it down. Until we determine a safe course of action for our figs we will not fight with "bricks on the ground" in Cobra territory."

President King also released photos showing how the government contains Megablok. The experts keep it under lock and key, separate from figs of PBR.

"The simple answer is separate. To keep Megablok from spreading into PBR lands we separate it early. Any Lego coming into PBR is checked at port, then sent for separation, then released or stored in areas so safe, no figs can ever be bothered by them. No one in PBR has Megablok because of our efforts."

Below are images of  Megablok bricks keep for scientific research and to determine the proper defense against the plague.

 photo 20141023_1743201_zps239bacf8.jpg

 photo 20141023_1743391_zpsf6a611d4.jpg

Saturday Sweep

In a coordinated and quick action PBR forces moved on Arbco shipping today. Each and every Arbco container, truck and store was siezed by government forces. Arbco agents were also arrested and will be interrogated to determine their status as possible Cobra agents. General Hawk, commander of PBR forces did not speak to the public but his office released these photos showing weapons found in a container whose destination was Legopolis. A semi truck and trailer which had possible Cobra agents was caught near the docks. This trucks container was headed to the Empire of Legoland. Also shown was a very large show of force from PBR's new heavy tank. The Mammoth debuted in the streets of Springfield. A Arbco agent was seen throwing down his blaster the moment the tank turned the corner.

 photo 20141018_2006211_zps7f2f5d0b.jpg

 photo 20141018_2006371_zpsb9a30dea.jpg

 photo 20141018_2007341_zps0c090292.jpg

 photo 20141018_2008061_zps23fe0dab.jpg

Interview with Cobra

A very open and forth coming Major Blood spoke with PBR
today via satellite and explained in very clear terms that Cobra is a peaceful organization that helped end a civil war it was tricked into by Deeds. Who they say is a enemy against all nations who exploited them to attack PBR.

"We wish them nothing but the best. It has been a whole year and we haven't even sent a plane or boat near their coast. We want nothing but peace. Arbco shipping brings us much needed humanitarian supplies to help with our needy families, displaced after the war in PBR."

Blood went on to explain Arbco has never shipped weapons or troops for them at any time. We pressed for more details but were stonewalled as Blood continued to side step and try to misdirect our reporter.

"Cobra is good, Cobra is for freedom. Figs throughout the world would love to see how we give food and shelter to anyone. The anti air defenses you see in the background? They are here for defense. The missile systems the same. None of those defenses could reach PBR let alone any other nation. PBR has nukes, they admitted it. Empire of Legoland has reactors, I am sure they have weapons grade plutonium by now. They also harbor Deeds. Deeds tricked us, we thought we were fighting for freedom. When we found out we were tricked we opened negotations with Legoland and ended the war the right way."

Blood went on to explain they have little interest in the other Lego worlds and want to be just left alone.

"Peace, we want peace. That is all. We would hate to be attacked and end up having our Megablock chemical weapons hit by PBR attack, then that virus spreading. Imagine, figs everywhere in PBR with Megablok.....ugh....Megablok would be the death of them. We would hate for them to attack and cause a spill like that....We are the only nation willing to keep Megablok under lock and key, safe from the world."

Blood was referencing Megablok, which most figs wouldn't even know they had until symptoms showed up. Not holding bricks proper, falling down or apart, not clicking together with Lego are all signs you have contracted Megablok, a deadly disease.

With a obvious reference to what Cobra would unleash figs throughout PBR were seen stocking up on supplies and fearing the worst.

PBR response to Mr. Charles allegations

"In is rare for the government to officially recognize statements made by citizen figs. Especially citizens of another Lego nation. Even more so when those figs are wanted criminals in many nations. Needing to be hid in regions that will keep them safe from the law. But in this instance we feel the need to address a editorial written about PBR.

Mr. Charles has some errors in his editorial. Governor Borca is the proper name and he is the Govenor of Sierra Gordo. These are simple, understandable mistakes to have been made by a fig who obviously could not have visited PBR. Our visa system shows no record of a passport being stamped with Mr. Charles name. Did Mr. Charles illegally entered PBR or came under a false name? Being as he was a "enemy of the state" under the Deed's regime this may be his reasoning. We would expect answers to those questions before going forward.

We cannot take allegations of Cobra involvement in PBR businesses and officials seriously if those making the allegations have no facts to back up their editorial.

That said, PBR officials will form a committe to discuss the formation of a independent investigation into Cobra involvement with PBR.

Our news organization reached out and spoke with Mr. Charles who gave us a brief statement claiming he is proud of his story and it raises questions that need to be answered.

PBR News has started its own investigation and the coincidences are to obvious to ignore. We have found accounting work and shipping manifests that back up Mr. Charles story. Arbco has shipping lanes that go close to Cobra island when there is no reason to do so. Looking at the new world map from the Empire of Legoland it is obvious having a shipping lane go near the island would be a waste of bricks. We reached out to a representative of Cobra but have not heard back. Since that time we have seen a increase in security patrols in Sierra Gordo. We also reached out to PBR officials who only replied "please refer to our official statement."

 photo 20141014_0709181_zpsfd58cd3a.jpg

With the increase in patrols came a increase in flights from Area 42. PBR jets have been seen above the coastal waters in Sierra Gordo in the last 12 hours. It is obvious to figs throughout PBR that something behind the scenes, with Cobra and PBR, is occurring but innocent figs are being left in the dark as to what it is. Looking back on the official cease fire documents show that technically PBR and Cobra are still at war, with a armstice agreement that is rather vague keeping the bullets from flying.

Cobra=Arbco=Borca=Same Group?

A scathing editorial was release by Chuck Charles in "the morning report" today. This editorial focuses on the terrorist orginization known as Cobra. Figs throughout PBR are very familar with the group and the civil war they help start is still fresh in their minds. Mr. Charles report focuses on the supposed relationship which many see as a coincidence with the spelling of many players in PBR. Arbco shipping and security was founded years ago by Fred (no relation to Fred Deeds) and was first a home product company. It has expanded since then. Gov. Borca was also mentioned in Mr. Charles story, Borca's rise to power was a direct result of his actions in the civil war. Fighting hard with FBA forces against Deed loyalists.

We contacted the HoS and Presidents office but have been given nothing more than a "no comment" at this time. Our reporters will continue investigating these allegations and will also reach out to Cobra officials for comment.

In other news Extensive Enterprises was quick to offer a bid to purchase a older consulate building in downtown Williams City. The building was slated for destruction and redesign but EE's offer was too much to pass up. Officials with the company stated they will refurbish the facility and it will be reopening in the coming weeks with new tenants.

Empire of Legoland World Map

The Empire is finishing up its world map project and has links published at the news site. Exhausting a good portion of its yearly budget, the Empire has mapped out all the Lego nations in contact with one another. Many figs in PBR were never aware how close these other nations were. Some of these same figs had a positive reaction to the news, realizing travel abroad won't be so difficult and expensive.

"I can sail to the Lego Republic, and not die!" Barb Stud commented when the map was released.

Some figs were not so happy though..

"Are you kidding me? PBR allowed Cobra to have a island that close??And every one of these nations could invade us with no warning!!! What is that red section????It can't be good!"

Government officials were quick to assure those worried that this map is every nations government being open and honest with its figs.

"No nation wishes war right now, as we have stated, terrorism is the priority right now. Diplomatic work has brought us to the most peaceful time in Lego World history. No nation is warring with another, we are all cleaning up internal messes and helping one another rout out terrorists who want to disrupt a peaceful world."

Targa PBR announced.oct '14

As the Brikpublic's tourism market grows another annoucement was made today to increase visitors to the island group. Targa PBR, slated to be the premier rally event in the Lego world roared into Williams City to begin promotional events. Primary sponsor, the Octan Group, was there for promo shots. Targa PBR will encompass almost every road in all the major islands of PBR. Bernie Bricklestone, director of Targa PBR was front and center to speak about the rally.

"Every international driver is welcome to compete on the winding roads of PBR. This timed rally event will be a six day extravaganza with day one being the meet and greet, time to show off the cars and prepare. The next four days will be racing and on the final day a party to top all parties."

The young entrepreneur has managed to also garner interest from major sponsors in the Empire of Legoland, Legopolis and the Lego Republic. Each of those major companies have shown interest in sponsoring the event, teams or being associate sponsors.

"We've worked hard to build this event. We first went to PBR government to get permission to host it. Some members of the HoS were not on board but we pushed hard, got a chance to meet with Chancellor Brik and suddenly the ball was rolling. He was excited to hear our plans and promised every brick of support for the event. We even think he will compete in the race. We have contacted each Lego nation with diplomatic ties with PBR and we have a lot of interest from sponsors and drivers. We can't wait to have them race with us. We also are making sure security is top notch for the event. Brik himself gave the green light to any foreign fig with government ties to have their nations security force also attend."

Competition in the event is open to any and all figs who pass the inspection and background processes to compete. Along with any fig, any car can compete in Targa PBR.

"Yes, you got that right, every car. From a 6627-1 Convertible to the upcoming 75908-1 Ferrari 458 Italia GT2. We will make sure each car is put in the correct class so the competition comes down to the driver who knows the course, who has their car in top shape and their bricks snapped proper. Co-drivers will also be allowed, this will be a grueling event so we want people to be safe and ready and have a backup if needed."

No date for the event has been set yet as much needs to be done to prepare. Road crews throughout PBR were already inspecting possible routes to make sure if any repairs would be needed. Not only do drivers need to prepare but safety crews need to be formed, volunteers for corner working will need to be trained and preparations for lodging need to be built. Bernie also wants to make sure the event doesn't coincide with LFA football in Legoland. If the event is during the LFA off-season every PBR town expects to house figs from around the world looking for a place to stay. Which means more hotels and motels will be built. Needless to say, if young Bernie can pull this off, PBR will see a huge economic impact and be the international hot spot for motorsports.

Bernie Bricklestone
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Octan Racing newest cars
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Inter Police Terrible Start

Brik cannot be pleased with the start of the season for his Pigs. The Pigs haven't scored a point since the LFA Superleague season began. Brik did take a hands off approach to the team this year since major changes were made in the LFA but with a terrible start it is rumored he will find a way to turn their season around. One fan of the Pigs was seen outside a pub in Brockton screaming "Who's a fig got to pay off to get a win? Money solves everything, throw some at this problem Brik!"

In other news, with a show of force multiple groups of Arbco security members started actively patrolling the industrial areas in Sierra Gordo. No incidents have been reported but figs in Springfield have stated they are pleased with the security they have been provided. The use of Arbco leaves the police figs of the PBR islands more time to patrol Sierra Muerte and the mainland cities. Figs in those regions say a drop in crime was easy to see.

Many are wondering why Arbco is needed. Crime has never been a issue in PBR since a majority of figs are able to protect themselves since owning and carrying weapons is legal in PBR.

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Hunting Season Opens

This weekend marked the opening of hunting season on the PBR islands. Throughout the lands figs took to the brown and green covered plates to try and bag the creatures that roam the island. Bag limits this year were reduced as the population of animals hunted has gone down in recent years due to over hunting. Poachers were the main cause of the over hunting so police officials were quick to assign more forest rangers to keep tabs on hunters. Hunting fees were also reduced this year to entice more figs to head to the dense bricked areas and to entice figs that stopped hunting to give it a try again. We caught up with a group of three figs who were hunting Whitetail Bucks and asked them for a comment. Billy Bob Fig had this to say.

"It's a fun time, we get together, shoot some guns, hang out, tell stories and generally enjoy the outdoors. Even if we don't bag anything we get a few days away from work which is nice. Maybe someday I'll have enough money to go hunt the big game like Brik does, but until then I'll be happy we have the freedom to do it on our islands."

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