Governor Borca Makes His Mark.

Quickly establishing himself as a leader, Gov. Borca had a press conference with a new local business today. The factory will open in the coming weeks and Borca was proud to let everyone know he helped finalize the deeds and contracts with Arbco to get them to move a production facility to Springfield. Arbco found financing through Extensive Enterprises for this endeavor. Arbco vice-president Fred II (no relation to Fred Deeds) was not present for the photo op but the plant manager was happy to stand next to the new Governor.

"Lower figs of Sierra Gordo are lining up for jobs now, Borca brings more in one day to us than Brik brought since they broke ground here. A new building, albeit a older design and not as flashy as the modulars, but it's new. Our facility will start producing product in the coming weeks and figs in Sierra Gordo will be able to afford the nicer bricks in life."

Borca had only a few quick statements before leaving for his next meeting.

"We are pleased Arbco is moving production to Sierra Gordo. We have a good work force here and expect many more industrial facilities to choose use over mainland PBR. With all this new found wealth, Arbco is also agreeing to supply Springfield with their security force. They will be arriving in a few days and allow the Sierra Gordo Army time to train and prepare for anything that may happen. Thank you for your time."

 photo 20140915_0711181_zpsa18a57e4.jpg

Memorial Fountain Unveiled.

With a large crowd and fanfare the Memorial Fountain was unveiled today in Williams City. The fountain is to remember the '13 Civil War that tore PBR apart for 7 days. Today marks the one year anniversary of the armistice signing with Cobra. In one years time we have seen PBR triple in size, build two large settlements, build a large rail network, rebuild its military to pre-war size and keep itself from finding war. Even though PBR is technically still at war with Cobra it has had no incidents with the nation. Little has been leaked to figs about PBR's efforts to monitor them.
Politicians were not on hand to speak, a representative of the government only stated that this was a day for the figs of PBR, not one for brick
pumping and self endorsement by politicians.

 photo 20140911_0651521_zps2935b22e.jpg

Governors announced.

Governors for the newly established regions of Sierra Gordo and Sierra Muerte were announced today and it comes at no surprise to PBR News it is more of the same for our government. Chancellor Brik put a old friend of Dr. Jones in charge of Muerte and to likely end the tension in military circles put General Borca in charge of Gordo. Governor Borca was the commanding officer in charge of the pilot who attack the Empire of Legoland and Borca lead the standoff at Brik's dacha. It is obvious to our reporters that this appointment to governor is the reason the forces stood down and all protests ended.

Governor Borca has lead the National Guard since the civil war, fighting against Deed's and winning many skirkmishes against Deed loyalists. It will be interesting to see how Borca leads Sierra Gordo.

Dr. Jones, who ran for office long ago, has little actual political leadership but his loyalty to Brik is unquestionable. His leadership in Sierra Muerte should be nothing more than a proxy leadership role.

Governor Borca, Sierra Gordo
 photo 20140906_1047221_zps159b6e38.jpg

Governor Jones, Sierra Muerte
 photo 20140906_1047371_zpsa0137ab4.jpg

Chancellor Brik Press Conference,
sept 3,14

Below is the transcript of the press conference


It is rare that my countryfigs see or hear from me, as your Supreme Chancellor I have put in place the ability for figs of PBR to choose the leadership that runs the day to day life of our now great and expansive nation of islands. This allows me time for much more important issues that face PBR. Our expansion being one of them.

With the summer expansion we are now possibly the largest Lego nation in the known Lego world, we are patiently anticipating for the Empire of Legoland to complete their updated works of the Lego World Map project to confirm this. We are pleased that our Tripartite Ally is doing this, their efforts to map the Lego world and those that are in contact with each other will bring major advancement to all nations involved. With that expansion has come great things and troubling issues. Figs feel as though they have lost their voice. A voice granted to them through freedoms I have bestowed.

Moving forward we will be taking each island in PBR and creating a semi-autonomous regions. The mainland, home to Williams City and Brockton will remain PBR. The outer Northwest island will be called "Sierra Muerte" and the Southwest island will be "Sierra Gordo". Governors for each regions will be announced in the coming days. The HoS will gain members also.

Fred Deeds, we have had a long and turbulent relationship but I have assurances, through ongoing diplomatic work, that it has not hurt the relationship of PBR and the Empire of Legoland. Those assurances come from General Amun, who has PBR's full support in leading the Empire to a new era of greatness. Our Tripartite Alliance is strong, and will only grow in the coming year with the new leadership in the Empire. What we see in the fig media is much different than the relationships in the diplomatic world.

I make this guarantee today, PBR is not taking any action towards Deed's. That chapter of PBR history is past us and myself. No one has suffered at his hands as much as I have so I believe I have the authority in this matter. All countries need to move forward fixing relations amongst each other. If we don't, we will destroy each other needlessly.

PBR, along with other nations, should focus on the rising terrorism in our regions. Legoland is dealing with Legoban. Legopolis is dealing with rebels still, fighting them in Port St. Peter in February. PBR still is attempting to keep tabs on the actions of Cobra, who is just off our shores and still plotting against all Lego nations.

Focus on these rebels and terrorists attempting to disrupt our nations, together. If we don't, they will work to disrupt our relationships and destroy us by pitting us against each other.
I now turn the mic over to President King.

Greetings fellow figs of PBR. I would like to let my countrymen know of a great wrong that needs righting. Days ago a fighter left our shores and attempted to bomb our ally. The Empire of Legoland. We, PBR, formally apologize for this grave and terrible attempt to attack the peaceful figs of the Empire. Its mission was a act of vengeance. Thankfully it was shot down by the highly trained forces of the Imperial Army.

We lost another fig that day, a hero. MIA since we lost contact with flight F02. This pilot attempted to intercept the rogue flight but in the end crashed in the ocean near Legoland, we have not found this brave fig but our forces are searching day and night.

We are also pleased that the National Guard protest near Broca Beach ended today, the forces stood down and returned to their respective bases.

One year ago this week we were in the midst of a civil war, one that almost destroyed us. In the end, our allies helped us. Legopolis, Caprica's, Minifig Republic, all came to our aide with figs and military hardware. Two of those countries we have not heard from in a long time but hope to again.  Also, the Empire of Legoland, who worked diligently behind the scenes to peacefully end the war. Without that combined effort PBR would not exist today.

We thank all of them for their friendship.

We will not be taking any questions today, thank you for your time."

Supreme Chancellor Brik
 photo 20140902_1747321_zpsdc5f2e76.jpg

Stand Off at Brik Home

Our reporters are on the scene of a early morning standoff outside Brik's dacha which is located near Broca Beach on the northwest island. National Guard troops have stationed themselves in the valley below the dacha. Standing with them, on one shaky leg, is a officer fig who claims Deed's is in position of his leg. For safety, the fig refused to give his name claiming "I'd bet Deeds wants the rest of me." The commanding general of NG forces was on hand and released a statement.

"We wish to have a conversation with diplomat Archimold, we formerly request the return of the officers leg. There is a new world order, a few figs in very high places that control all this chaos that continues in the Lego world. We ask for openness and honesty. If that cannot be given we will take necessary actions to make it so."

No shots have been fired but tensions are high enough that anything could happen at a moments notice. House of Senate members have released a memo letting all parties know that a amicable solution is on the table and all parties involved should stand down and wait for the official statement coming soon.

 photo 20140828_1902581_zps1cf52422.jpg

International Tensions High, Rich and Famous Drink, be Merry

Little is known yet about the two fighters that took off and headed towards the Empire of Legoland except they haven't returned. Neither fighter has the capability to fly to the Empire and return without refueling. Our reporters have been staked out at every landing field in PBR and haven't seen any flights leave or land since yesterday. Our sources in the Empire of Legoland have not been able to determine what, if anything, has occurred. The only reports we have are a huge uptick of Imperial Army action along the coasts. Some unsubstantiated reports coming in say anti air flak was being fired in the Empire yesterday but nothing has been confirmed.

With tensions rising with the Empire a picture was released today of SC Brik having a drink by the fire with Diplomat Archimold. A assistant to Brik had a short written statement that was read to us.

"Everything between the nations is as it should be, Mr Archimold is staying with me for a few days at my humble dacha, we had drinks while looking over the vast ocean that separates our wonderful nations."

 photo 20140823_1344151_zps823d0460.jpg

Outrage in PBR National Guard

This morning a news story was released showing Deed's holding a FBA soldiers leg, skeleton leg to be exact. The soldier was not named and it has not been confirmed if the soldier is dead or alive but National Guard forces which is made up by a majority of the FBA forces that fought in the civil war were outraged. National Guard troops were seen hurrying out of their homes and off to their base, one was heard screaming "Not on my watch".  Eye witness accounts also indicate not long after the story was released a P4 Skyhawk, similar to the file photo below, screamed off the runway and radar indicated it was traveling in the general direction of the Empire of Legoland. The P4 does have long range capability if added fuel tanks are attached but its armament is then diminished to low ordnance only capable of strategic targets and not general bombing of large areas. Not much longer after that fighter took off another P4 took off from Area 42, which is the HQ of GI Fig. This fighter in question we now know is a air to air only fighter equipped only for air combat operations.

Government officials have yet to make a official announcement but sources indicate a uptick in communication with diplomats overseas. When asked why two fighters with different armaments took off at different times from different bases our source only could confirm they did indeed took off and said both were "training flights".

 photo a3707b9c-5e47-42c0-aae6-29cc75700d41_zps6d5e9c42.jpg

Protests in Springfield

The newly established town of Springfield, on the southwest island, already has drama unfolding as figs took to the streets to protest the actions of the government. PBR Troops were called up to control the crowds.

"We were given second class bricks and buildings. Our infrastructure is lacking! We were placed here because we aren't welcome in the upper fig areas.", was one statement by Joe Bob Plate.

Others were protesting the PBR relationship with the Empire of Legoland, recently the Empire arrested the owner of the Minifig Times and the Times themselves have moved to a different location to avoid the Empire shutting them down.

"Free media is being stamped out in the Empire and PBR officials support it!", was a statement one fig in the protest said.

The House of Senate has convened a emergency session to discuss a solution to the protests and rising tension. As we come up on the anniversary of the Seven Day Civil War many politicians want to avoid violence at all costs.

 photo 20140819_0706461_zpsbb83d44e.jpg

Diplomat Archimold Escorted By Police

No details were released from PBR officials and our sources could not provide inside details but this photo snapped by a fig in Williams City shows Mr. Archimold, diplomat from the Empire of Legoland, being escorted by police through the city. His destination is unknown and why a police escort was necessary is of concern. Tensions with the Empire are still high right now as details continue to be released concerning Brikileaks and diplomat Allen being called to a military tribunal to answer questions.

 photo 20140818_0636071_zpsb831ac16.jpg

Protests in Williams City

A small group of protestors arrived outside the consulate building which has the main offices of SC Brik, President King and Legoland diplomat Mr. Archimold. The group was stopped at the door by BlackBrik contractors. The message from the leader of the protest, who refused to be named, was very clear. "We want the truth!".

Our reporters also dug deeper into the growing split of "upper figs" and "lower figs" and found that it is not split on economic lines but also cultural lines. Figs migrate to the much cheaper southwestern island and the town of Springfield have less luxuries and bricks compared to the "upper figs" that migrated to the northwestern island. Even figs who remained on mainland PBR feal as though they are "lower figs". Joe Stud, a resident of Springfield, had this to say.

"We have less bricks, our buildings are old and dusty. Our figs are hodge podge of sets and don't fit in with the upper figs of the northwestern island. We feal ignored in our plight and see SC Brik soly responsible. It comes at no surprise that his new dacha is near Broca Beach and his offices on the mainland are usually empty."

Tensions rose this week after documents released by Brikleaks shows a government full of secrets and possible corruption.

 photo 20140815_0650461_zps123f99db.jpg

PBR Diplomatic Disaster, A editorial by PBRNews

Brikileaks, a non profit media group of unknown origin or country, released a bombshell of reports and communications between PBR and the Empire of Legoland. Spying, intelligence mistakes, the monitoring of Legoland citizens and organizations all talked about in diplomatic reports never intended for common fig viewing. This game of thrones in the Lego world puts every free fig at risk of war and aggression.  SC Brik's unlimited funds and his quest for control over all free figs is now questioned. What other secrets does the Brikpublic have? What else are common figs not seeing?

Reports indicate many figs left work after seeing the news, refusing to contribute to the Brikpublic economy if it means just propping up "Upper Figs" who only line the pockets of Brik and his military. Business owners lambasted their work force saying "Lower Figs are given the opportunity to work hard, and climb the ladder to be just like us. These leaks are false and silly, PBR wants a free and peaceful society. Look at the actions of the past year as proof."  Upper and Lower figs are not just separated economically, many other factors are at play.

Government officials were asked for comment but did not offer any, a source in the GI Fig organization did release information that diplomat Archimold has been asked to remain at his residence until diplomat Allen's summons is cleared up.

Census Data Released

According to, a census site for Lego, PBR now has over 700 registered figs. These are figs legally bound to PBR and not 'loose figs' brought in without bricks or in sets. Including non set figs, those who came to PBR by outside sources, the unofficially population of PBR is over 900 figs. No official statement from PBR was released concerning the unofficial figs of PBR.

Speaker of The House, Leslie Anne, Responds to Deed's Statements

Coming off a fresh appointment to "Speaker of The House of Senate" Speaker Leslie Anne held a press conference to address Fred Deed's statements in a interview he had with the Minifigtimes. Pictured below, Leslie Anne stands alongside Deed's ex-wife and in the background you can see Prowler Tanks with Brikpublic Guards.

"Deed's speaks of accepting facts. The facts in this case are as clear as the beautiful waters near Broca Beach. Deed's is not a "bad guy", he is a confused and unbalanced fig, one of the worst we have dealt with. He brought death and destruction, first when he attempted to assassinate Brik by allying with Cobra. Then stealing a election which resulted in figs rising up and fighting to be free. He happily sent waves of figs to their death. In the end even Cobra abandoned him, contacting Legoland to broker the deal behind the scenes. He abandoned his wife, leaving her to live alone in a country that thought her to be the enemy but we find out she was a victim of Deed's deception. Deed's did not leave to find aslyum, he was lucky to have it granted to him. Legoland's brokered peace deal gave him a second chance at life. We hope their decision to allow him to be a part of their government doesn't backfire on them.

Our diplomatic ties to Legoland have not changed. Deed's is not the ruler of the Empire, he is little more than a second tier fig hoping and meddling in a effort to gain power again. We have faith that Emperor David will keep Deed's in check and we expect Deed's appointment in the government is so they can keep a 24/7 watch over his bricks and movement.

Leslie Anne took no questions, leaving immediately after the interview. SC Brik nor President King's office were available for comment.

 photo 20140809_1003451_zps8f29ee9c.jpg

The Lego Republic, A New Nation in the Lego World

Emerging from the shadows this week, President Marie Brick made contact with PBR through Legopolis. The Lego Republic, or as this paper will call them TLR, is a new player in the Lego world but seems to be ready to come out of isolation.  One interesting part is this nation is the first contacted with a female fig. Female figs being a minority in the Lego world this comes as a shock to many figs in PBR. Our reporters asked for comment from House of Senate member Leslie Anne who had this to say.

"We are pleased to here from the new nation. We expect a long and cordial relationship and personally I am pleased to see more female figs in power in our group of nations. I look forward to meeting President Bricks in person."

PBR News looks forward to learning more about TLR and its intentions with all the nations involved.

Broca Beach Is Established

This past week saw the village of Broca Beach become incorporated. Figs who had made application for plate ownership in Broca Beach moved quickly to place their bricks and start frolicking in the ocean. With 25 figs putting up residence already many officials are expecting a mass exodus from war torn Williams City and Brockton. Some figs are upset that the 'upper figs' are taking their money and leaving the two cities that need new and improved bricks and buildings. It is reported that Supreme Chancellor Brik was the first to put down residence nearby, building a dacha for himself in the cliffs overlooking the ocean.

 photo 20140804_1150451_zps03a4c36e.jpg

Deeds overthrows Empire of Legoland, Junta a direct threat to PBR

War drums are banging in PBR again as Fred Deeds, ex dictator/president/village idiot takes control of the Empires military in what the minifig times calls a Junta. If true, Deeds controls the combined armed forces of the Empire and may possibly have taken the Emperor himself hostage. Readers will recall the brutal tactics that brought Deeds to power, attempting to kill SC Brik, taking power over PBR and siding with Cobra. In the end though, Cobra betrayed Deeds in a back door deal that freed Brik, sent Deeds to Legoland and left Cobra with a little island west of PBR. Since then we have seen little to no action from Cobra and Deeds was thought to have settled into a life of story telling in the Empire.

Figs throughout PBR were shocked and angered at the news that anyone allowed Deeds to gain power again. PBR officials released a statement on their page today but have yet to speak to the public or release any details of a plan. What we can confirm though is if Deeds is back in power in any capacity PBR will take every action to destroy him.

M.A.R.S Sign Arms Agreement

Laird James McCullen Destro XXIV, better known as 'Destro', flew in to Williams City to finalize a arms agreement with PBR. President King and Destro, pictured here, worked out the wording of the new agreement over dinner and drinks. Details are not being released but sources indicate that Military Armament Research System which is better known as M.A.R.S will supply radar and sonar equipment, robot technology and infantry arms and supplies to the PBR military.

 photo 20140722_1654021_zps1d7fa995.jpg